Week 1: Mission Impossible?

Okay folks, so it’s been a week since I began my quest to get into shape.  I have had a few people comment here and on Facebook about what I’m attempting and there were some people who did not feel I needed to do this.  Though they were supportive of me they felt that I don’t need to lose any weight.  So, I have decided that I will address that concern here today. Plus, I’ll tell you briefly how its been going and put up my beginning photos.

Back in 2008 Movie Star and I went on a diet using the Nutrisystem plan (which I mentioned in my first post).  I was weighing 186 lbs. and went down to 143: only dieting.  After the diet I realized I had lost most of my muscle ad needed to tone up and get strong.  So I began doing the P90X workout DVD system.  I did it for about 7 months and it worked wonders.  But I got sick of it and wanted to take a break.  Over the last 2 years I have struggled to get an exercise regiment going again and have tried and failed time and time again.  Because of this and a lot of stress in my life I have put weight back on and have been fluctuating between 156-160 lbs.  Obviously, I want to drop those lbs. again but am not going to put myself on an overly strict diet.  The diet I laid out last week is how I was eating while doing P90X 2 years ago and a generalization of the Nutrisystem way.  It has worked for Movie Star and I for the past few years but because of the life stresses I mentioned earlier I have lost my way a bit and fallen back into some old eating habits.  Really, I just stopped caring about my weight and what I ate and what I looked like.  Now, a lot of people think that you shouldn’t care about such vain things, but when it is affecting your health and your overall state of mind, you MUST care. The whole reason why I wanted to lose weight in the first place was because I was tired of being fat.  I set my mind to it, had a buddy and made it happen.  It was such an exhilarating time for me because for the first time in my life I looked good, felt good and had a ton of energy. Once I stopped, some of those feelings went away.

Look, life has been hard for my husband and I over the past few years and I will admit that depression has kicked in more times than I’d like.  I have a very strong faith in God and He and I work through the things that need working through every day.  Some of that is mental and emotional and some of it (for me) has to be physical. I know that part of His desire for all of our lives is that we take care of ourselves and do what we can and know we should do to be healthy, strong and content.  I have ways of becoming spiritually content by residing in His love and trusting Him, but I also have to take care of my self in order to be physically content. I know I can’t do this alone and I never planned on it.  He has to help me through this or I won’t succeed.

Some people have said that I look great and don’t need to do this, but it’s not about the vainness of wanting to “look better”.  Though those thoughts do creep into mind every so often.  This is more about gaining energy so I can make it through the day without needing an hour nap, fitting into my clothes again, and feeling better about myself. I have been battling for years and have decided (with the Lords help) that we are going to tackle this beast.  But I need a buddy. God is my best buddy, but I need you too!  I need your help and encouragement, your words and concern.  I thank you for being there for me even if it’s just reading this.  You mean so much to me and I know I can do this especially if you are here with me.  I hope that all clarifies everything.

Now for the fun stuff!

This week was interesting.  I started off great!  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were wonderful. Well, okay, not wonderful but I got the workouts done and didn’t fall asleep while doing them!  It was hard because my work schedule fluctuates and I never know when I’m going to be off.  Plus, I wanted to drive down to Orange to visit my grandmother who had a heart attack a week and a half ago.  The poor dear…. I love her so and hope she can get her health on track so we can have her for many, many more years.  So, that had to factor into my planning.  I’m not a night exerciser so if I don’t get it done before 5 pm, I’m done.  It ain’t happenen’.

I got it done and felt great.  I really did notice a boost in my energy which is one of the reasons I’m doing this.  Awesome!

But then I went to Florida for a few days.  This is when it gets tricky.  I can’t take the DVD’s with me so it’s all about the hotel gym. This hotels gym was puny. And unfortunately with Thursday being “travel day” I never got to my workout.  We left so early in the morning  and with time differences and dealing with my families schedule and plan I didn’t settle into the hotel until late that evening.  I lost a day already. Pooey.

Friday was better.  I got up at 6 am, spent some time with the Lord and had an hour workout.  I felt great and the whole day was energized.  Then Saturday came around.  We were going to have an early morning so I thought I’d save the workout until the evening, however on our way home from dinner my sister got into a car accident and we were stuck dealing with that for the remainder of the evening.

So, all in all I worked out 4 days.  Not what I wanted but it just had to do.  Hopefully this week will be better.  Please keep encouraging me as I have to be up at 4 am four days this week for work and know I am going to be tired when I get home. But I have to keep this up.  Thanks for being my supports and I hope next weeks report is better than this one.

Here’s my starting shot and a bit of info:

Starting weight: 159.8

(This sucks….. I ate too much crappy food in Florida and I think I put on a pound or two while I was there…..boo)

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