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Parenthood is full of challenges.  There is the worrying, the sleepless nights, the projectile vomit, the unnatural familiarity with pee…But its not without it’s upside too.  You get these tiny little people who just love you SO much for just being you.  And you get a fair amount of laughs too.  It starts with their silly giggles, surprised reactions and first dance moves.  Then as they get older, children grace you with blurps of wisdom and insightful perspective almost on a daily basis.  My kids say so many things catch me off guard, but with my 10 minute memory (that’s what happens when you repeatedly expose your brain to pregnancy hormones) I never remember their quips long enough to fully appreciate them.  For this reason I have decided to record them here weekly.  That way, my boys can look back one day and see how cute they used  to be.

You may notice a lot of dinosaur talk in this week’s quotes.  That is because my 4 yo, Asa, has recently become fascinated with dinobots (dinosaur transformers, for all of you without boys).  They are, of course, out of production–like everything else Asa likes.  I think that he will become some sort of collector or curator when he grows up.  The fact that we cannot easily get our hands on them has only increased his obsession, which has led to non-stop dinobot/dinosaur chatter.

Quotes of the Week:

1.  Me (talking to my husband): So I booked the hotel…

Asa: Did you book my dinobots?

2.  Asa: Oooh, maybe its my dinobots!– when the UPS guy is dropping off a package, even though I have repeatedly told him that I have not ordered any.

3.  Asa: Dinosaurs don’t live at college.  Their brains are too small.– arguing with his big brother, Aiden.

4.  Avery (picking up Asa’s stuffed doll and shaking it): Rawwrrr, brawwar!

Asa: Avery, that’s what he doesn’t say.

5.  Asa: I’m walking away!  (He means running away)

Aiden: Asa, if you run away, you’ll get killed!

Asa: Oh yeah, by what?!



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