Fabulous Etsy Finds: Backpacks

Folks, for the last few weeks I have been knee deep in all things school related.   So it should come as no surprise that my first Etsy post after my brief hiatus is about backpacks.  I may even do more school supplies next week.  It depends on if I am able to avoid the impending  ‘back-to-school’ overload that has been looming over my head.  You see, this year we switched to a new school.  And after lots of hoop jumping, form filling and a second mortgage (just kidding–but almost) our son is happily enrolled in a Christian school with triple the homework and extra activities that we are used to.  I am thrilled about this change.  But nonetheless it has required an adjustment period that has sent me running and screaming at the sight of the school supplies.  I think we’re past it now.  We seem to be settling in, but you never know when I might star having nightmares about rulers and binders again.  Anyhow, on to Etsy.  I knew there would some gems in the backpack section.  There was an abundance of toddler packs.  And there were plenty that are $200+, very unique–but I can’t encourage those prices.  Here are the ones that I felt hit the sweet spot with creativity and affordability.


This guy is a take on a Stephen Joseph pack.  Now I’ll admit that I had never heard of Mr. Joseph before yesterday.  But he had so many copycats on Etsy that it prompted me to do a little research.  He makes a line preschool/kinder (mostly quilted) accessories.  They are all adorable and affordable, but pretty tiny.  This replica caught my eye because it is cut larger than its predecessor, making it more functional for bigger kids who still love them some construction (or dinos, or robots…).


Okay, so this is a toddler pack.  It was just too cute, and too cheap to pass by.  There’s not a lot of room in there, but its perfect for preschool or kinder when your little one is just bringing home a few papers in a folder.  There are some, actually quite a few, larger owl packs on Etsy but none of them caught my eye like this one.


This seller has a plethora of canvas knapsacks and messenger bags in a handful of shades and designs.  I liked the way the white popped off of the soft green, and who doesn’t love a koala?  These bags are great for the 6th grade+ crowd because they are kinda cool and understated, and have way more personality than those plain Jansens I see them all carrying.


I added this one solely based on creativity.  And because I know that there are going to be more than a few high school guys who see this and couldn’t care less that it has about 1o square inches of storage because now he can carry his skate around campus.  It may not be be very functional, but it will sure get some attention.


This linen bag is a little pricey for its size and features, but it was just too original to leave out.  It perfect for a budding fashionista who doesn’t like things too girlie.


If ever there was a backpack made for Etsy it is this one.  Made out of jute and screen printed in vivid shades and patterns, this bag has pizazz to spare.  It is also fairly room and I am betting pretty sturdy.


Oh a girlie-girl ruffle backpack.  There just nothing like it if your little miss loves pink and frills.  This is another bag that takes it cue from a toddler design, but is cut to be roomier than the original.  I am a little curious about the name on the bag though.  Is there really anyone cruel enough to name their daughter Evan, or to send their son to school with this backpack?



I so wish I had this bag in high school.  It is sophisticated and subsued with just a bit of edginess.  The seller has a few other patterns, but these sunny flowers won me over.

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