Fabulous Etsy Finds: Patriotic Inspiration

Can you believe that it is July already?? Well it is, which means in a few days you are gonna have a major celebration on your hands. And with that comes guest lists, menus, firework shopping and decorations.Oh, did you forget that last one? Decorations often get pushed to the back burner as an unnecessary accessory. And who can blame us, we’ve already got a lot going on (see list above). That’s why I thought I would shake this Etsy post up and do something a little different. Earlier this week I received an email with some last minute Fourth of July Decor Tips. So I am going to share these tips with you, along with some patriotic inspiration Etsy finds to pull them together.

1.  To give your table a decorated look, layer the table cloths.  Mix colors, textures and sizes.  Try tablecloths with fringes.  If you are using a wooden table, don’t cover it entirely, let some of the wood show.


This oilcloth gingham number layered over crisp, white linen should do the trick.


Or for a less matchy feel, try this red toile with blue linens.

2.  For a cost effective alternative to fresh flowers, use fresh fruit as a centerpiece.  Find a tree bark as the anchor to the center of the table, add twigs and leafy branches from the garden and you can have a great centerpiece, most of which can be eaten later.


Normally this piece would be NMSAA(not-my-style-at-all, for you non-geeky texters), but it is just wild enough to add some funk to your patriotic soiree.  Fill it with some bright red apples or Rainier cherries.


 Or for a more demur look, try this guy with a little blueberry-strawberry yin and yang.

3.  If your party is outdoors, a fun addition to the Fourth of July decor are sparkling candles which are available at most paper supply stores.  Use votive candles and protect the flames with paper luminaries.  These makeshift lanterns can mark the pathways from the street to the party, decorate the buffet and add light to a darkened spot.


This luminary is one of those Etsy products that you could actually make yourself and use this weekend.  Just paint an empty can, hole-punch as desired and fill with a candle.


Here is another instant Etsy product.  This auction is for a custom template design.  You print at home and wrap it around the candle holder of your choice.

4.  Extra long wooden skewers are ideal for larger gatherings.  Earlier in the day skewer shrimp, chicken, beef, sausage, hot dogs and vegetables (cut into two bite portions).  Marinate and grill as needed.  It will take less time to grill and your guests will not need eating implements.

Sorry folks, there wasn’t a lot in the way of creative skewers at our favorite crafters website.  But I did find a few aprons so that you can look extra festive while you grill those skewers.


This apron is so simple and fun.  I will man (or woman) the grill all day long if it means getting to look this cute!


Can you get more All-American (or hyphenated) than red-and-white-striped, butcher-style, father-and-son, grilling apron set?  Well, of course you can’t!

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