Handmade Wednesday: Crafting Outdoors

Who doesn’t like to get outside in the summer?  Maybe those of you in Chicago, muggy Louisiana or Florida I guess – they do get rather hot and humid.  I know I wouldn’t want to be outside there… But I live in Southern California where it’s almost always sunny and in the 90’s during the summer.  Plus you get a great breeze off the ocean and it’s never too humid. Usually just perfect…. but I could talk about our weather all day however I am here to talk about crafting. Crafting in the out of doors to be exact.  So, if you love being outside during these months, then lets grab our creative supplies and head on out!  Here are some great suggestions on how to start you on that crafting outdoors:

I found a couple ideas from Women’s Day that I L-O-V-E-D, Loved.  First are these Flower Pot Labels. Sure you could always stick something in the pot to label it, but it would be much more fun and decorative to paint on a label using chalk paint (or a mixture of latex paint and non-sand tile grout).  Plus if you’ve got great handwriting, your pots will look so pretty!  Follow the instructions at the link above and your garden will be all set for summer.

I have been desperately desiring to fix a small outdoor table my husband Movie Star made in high school.  It’s a great table, but needs to be sanded and repainted sooooo bad.  Oh what the sun can do to damage things.  But I digress….. here is a Rustic Table that you can make for your garden or to sit next to your grill.  However, it may take a rather handy woman or a man with power tools to put this one together.  You’re going to need logs, a table saw and a drill among other things so only go for this one if you can handle the work load!

Alright, this one I am definitely going to do.  I have always wanted to have an herb garden, but never any room to put the plants.  This Hanging Herb Garden will go perfectly along the wall above my backyard bench.  If I end up making it (which I plan on) I will surely share it with you all! It seems easy enough except how the heck can I attach the wire to a stucco wall? Any suggestions?  Really…. help me out if you can.

Now I did look elsewhere for outdoor crafts and when I came across a homemade wind chime, a little flutter took flight in me.  I love wind chimes, but just never found one that suited my fancy.  However I never thought about making one myself with things I have around the house.  I’ve heard of people using old utensils and I’m not too crazy about that but I figured I could find many other things around the house that when clanging against each other make a joyful noise. And we could even paint the items to give them a more uniform or decorative look.  Okay, so get yourself a metal craft ring, wrap whatever you are using as a chime with smoldering wire so you can hang them from the ring.  Attach them to the ring with fishing line.  I can’t wait to see what I find to make mine!

Okay, okay I know that this is a picture of a girl with a flower on her outfit not an outdoor craft.  But what you don’t know is that it is an outdoor craft!  These Fabric Poppies not only make great accessories to your wardrobe, but they would would be perfect summer additions to the pillows of your outdoor furniture.  I recommend making them according to Martha’s instructions and then hot gluing them to a pin.  Then simply attach the pin to your pillow so that you can take them off again when the season is over.

And I don’t know about you but when the summer comes along I find that I always want to read.  Maybe it’s all the quiet time spent by the pool or at the beach that puts that desire in me but whatever caused it, it’s there right now.  I have not ever been overly concerned about my book covers until one trip to Hawaii gave my latest novel a “splash” of excitement.  I had set the book on the ground next to my chair at the hotel pool (I know, what was I doing at a pool in Hawaii…. but try to stick with me here) when a couple of teenagers proceeded to “human bomb” into the pool right near where I was sitting.  Nothing was drenched, but my book cover got wet which then bleed through to my page and we all know the ending.  Needless to say, I wished my book was covered.  So these lovely Waterproof Book Covers just may do the trick!

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