Wedding Trends: Cakes

The main foci of the wedding are the bride and the cake. And really, what every guest, young and old, close family and unfamiliar friend, will care about is the cake. Cake designs have changed dramatically throughout the years, but in most recent years they have completely transformed from a dessert to a work of art. Although almost anything can be turned into a cake nowadays, wedding cakes are staying surprisingly traditional in several ways. If anything, the classic cake is being perfected and/or each couple is adding their personalities to this focal point.

The one thing that remains constant among cakes, other than tiers is the fact that it is white. Obviously, not all cakes are white nowadays, but most are. Some match the colors of the theme of the wedding, but it can’t be denied that white matches everything and is fitting for the tastes of both men and women. Most of the color on cakes are in the added details. These bursts of colors most commonly come from flowers as it has always been, but as cakes become more of an art, new elements are being introduced everyday. Fruit, candy, cinnamon and many more ingredients are used. Flowers always remain most popular though, as they simply and timelessly elegant. Whether it is real blossoms that adorn or fondant flowers that enhance the flavor, they’re always a perfect touch.

 Decorations of the cake that go beyond obvious edible additions (such as fruit or candy) and flowers are trending toward a return to elegance. Pearls, ribbons, bows and intricate patterns of fondant and powdered sugar are popular as clean and plain modern cakes are becoming less trendy. Everyone wants their cake to be original and express their personality and plain modern designs just don’t have many options for this. One of my all time favorite cakes was a elaborate classic gold design complete with white pearls and golden cameos. It was vintage chic and completely original and stunning.

Along with the return of ornate vintage is simple elegance, which seems to be being done with the use of natural elements. This could mean flowers, but it usually doesn’t mean just one or two. It includes leaves, twigs, sage, grass, mushrooms, pine needles and anything else that could be found in nature. With a beautiful pattern of layers and these natural elements, any cake would look dazzling and rustic.

Although cakes can be made into anything you can imagine today and modern cakes and cupcake towers are around, the old-fashioned elegant white cake is sticking around and becoming more and more beautiful by the wedding. Make your cake your original creation, because nowadays you can, and make it as beautiful as your wedding day.

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