Spring Clean the Green Way


The snow has stopped flying and our feathered friends are back singing their love songs. It is time to chase the winter blah out of the house with a good spring cleaning. But let’s do it Green. That’s it: Green Spring Cleaning! Yes!

Get rid of the clutter.Reading materials the first to go as they are easiest. Newspapers are easy to deal with as they can simply be recycled. Let go of them if they are more than a few days old. If you want to to keep an article, cut it out within the first few days avoid a buildup, and start a scrapbook to save them. Magazines more that 2-3 months are outta there! Again, cut out your special tip and add it to your scrapbook. You can donate these leftover magazines to a nursing facility for elders to enjoy, locals schools and daycare centers for crafts projects and and research resources.

Moving on to bulkier items. Broken toys may be difficult for your kids to part with, but they are simply dangerous and an eye sore. Toss those. It’s better for your child and the whole family. Other toys that your kids don’t use, donate to a daycare, charity or thrift store. Don’t worry, your kids won’t miss them, because they don’t use them. Do you have sports equipment sitting in your house our garage unused or barely used year round? Gather it up and either donate it to a thrift store or charity or sell it in a garage sale. Make a few extra dollars to your summer vacation and avoid adding to the landfill.

Once your house in uncluttered, it’s now time to get down to the business of cleaning. Keep chemicals out of the house as much as possible.It’s feasible to use non-synthetic cleaners in lieu of chemical-based cleaners. Green Works by Clorox is an example. Check labels for ingredients to be sure. You can also make your own natural cleaners to save money and a trip to the store. Undiluted white vinegar can cut grease and odor. At a ratio of 3:1 mixed with water, it cleans windows inside and out to a clear shine. Use coffee filters to wipe dry. They are best to use, because they don’t leave streaks or lint. Keep a spray bottle of this handy to take the winter film off of mirrors and tiles. Baking soda can also work wonder all by itself. Sprinkle onto a damp sponge to scrub sinks, countertops and tub residue. Lemon juice down the drain eliminates bad odors and neutralizes the stink of onions and garlic. 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil mixed in a 1 cup of water will banish mold from tile grout with some scrubbing. It works great in the shower and on the fireplace, too. Grapefruit seed extract liquid concentrate in a 30-60 drop does into 32 oz of water is the safe and natural way to kill germs. Use it to clean and freshen trash can and clean pet dishes withough chemicals. However, rinse dishes well, because grapefruit extract doesn’t have the best taste.

The last to go is the dust. Microfiber dusters pick up almost everythng and can be washed for repeated use. Don’t forget to look up and those cobwebs with a long wand duster. Wash the drapes to get rid of staleness and musk. Hang them outside to dry rather than using the dryer, if possible, to bring the fresh air inside.

Now that your house is spin and span, enjoy! Your home looks, smells and feels asa fresh as a pretty Spring.



photo courtesy of Spark Your Wellness

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