Handmade Wednesdays: Decorating A Matchbox

Being a woman who lo-lo-loves candles, I have found that I acquire more matches than I can possibly keep around the house.  I have a few rather large matchboxes and I can’t stand keeping them all in one location.  So, I keep one in a few rooms I often light candles for easy access.  The problem is that they look like this and it hasn’t been good for my home decor.

So the other day I decided to decorate a matchbox to fit each rooms color decor.  It’s a fun project and suuuuper easy!  As long as you have paper, maybe some paint, glue or tape and some letters.  Here’s the one I made for my bathroom:

I started off by painting the matchbox cover an ivory color because it just needed a uniform, clean palette. Of course I would have loved to completely cover the box, but I didn’t want to waste the strike strips on each side.  They are quite handy you know….

Now as you can see, I cut out some different scrapbooking papers for the box.  First I started with a sea foam green to wrap paper around the top and bottoms of the cover.  After the paint was dry, I glued them into place.  Next, I attached and strip of worn design pale blue paper and then made the other pieces as so.  It was all coming together!

Now what matchbox would be complete without and “M”?  I thought the yellow was a nice touch and “M” is for Matchbox you know.

Lastly, after beginning to put it all together I found that the actual box that holds the matches looked gross next to my newly designed cover.  So, I painted the box in a dark brown to give it all a little depth.  I also found it hard to pull or push the box out and so I installed a lovely little pull tab with some remaining blue I had that ties in the strip on the top of the box.  Now my matches will be in style wherever they go!

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