The Trends of Wedding Transportation

One often-overlooked element of a wedding is the transportation of the bride and groom. It may seem unimportant or irrelevant, but the feel of a wedding vastly differs between using a 1945 Chevy truck and a Rolls Royce or a 1954 Morgan 4/4 and a 1962 convertible Ford Thunderbird. Obviously, budget (and who you are friends with) will limit your choices, but it will most likely not break your bank to rent the best transportation for your big day. Long gone are the days of tacky stretch limos though, and new trends are toward vintage cars of the couple’s dreams. Check out all of these wedding transportation trends that are growing in popularity.

As the budget may affect which car you will have on your big day, another determinant will be your wedding theme. You won’t want a brand new Cadillac for a rustic country wedding or a vintage Model-T for a city wedding. Choose cars that compliment your theme. As I said before, the days of using a limo as standard elegant mode of transportation are over. The gaudy large vehicle is forever gone. People are opting for style and personal taste now more than anything. Although the limousine is out of the picture, there are a few modes of transportation that work for almost any affair. An underused method is a wagon or carriage. This works for rustic, vintage, whimsical and classic themes as well as numerous others and can also used in several locales such as the country, city and beach. Another great idea is to ride bicycles. These are ideal, because it can be made fancy or simple and is always and endearing touch to begin and end a party.

As I said before though, many want all of their dreams to come true on their wedding day, therefore they want to include their dream car as well. As weddings trend toward a resurgence of all things vintage and old-fashioned, this is possible now more than ever (as most people people’s favorite cars are vintage). Vintage cars mesh with a variety of wedding themes, because they are polished and vintage and always a reminder of a simpler time. If you are fortunate enough to be able to acquire a beautiful dream car for your special day, it surely won’t be hard, but be sure that it fits with your theme. Or, if you really want a laugh to end the wedding on a high note, do the exact opposite to make if funny. For a big, elegant wedding, drive off on a moped. Or, you may be able to think of more original ways to end the night on your own.

To begin and end the wedding reception well, put some thought, consideration and your own personal taste into your mode of transportation. As the first and only place that the bride and groom will be alone during their wedding day, it’s ideal to make your transportation as amazing as possible.

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