The Mason Jar: A Versatile Wonder

I have always loved creating interesting lighting in and outside of my home. And here is my story of discovering something new for myself.

Recently I was at the 99 cent store (yes folks, you can find things you need or want there) walking down the dish aisle. I glanced at cups and picked up a few plates, but nothing struck my fancy. Then all of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, there they were: Mason Jars. My heart lit up! I have one mason jar at home which I use as a vase, but to find 15-20 jars just sitting there, waiting to be taken home by little old me was trilling. I wanted to fill my cart with them but before I could do that, I needed to know “Just what am I going to use these for?” This began my search of ways to use a mason jar. Here are my findings.

Image: Ruby Press

Slowly and sadly, I walked away from the jars quietly praying they would still be there in a few days. I had thought of just buying them and deciding what to use them for later, but over the last few years (where money has been tighter than bark on a tree) I have had to be cautious of over spending. “Just buy what you know you need right now,” I have to tell myself. It’s a pressure….. Anyway, I came home and searched the internet. Here’s what I found!

Image: Beth Helmstetter

Making this seems like a piece of work, but with the tips I found at, it may not be as hard as it looks. Just grab your buff man or that handsome guy next door you’ve been dying to talk to. Trust me, if he’s at all interested in you, he’ll be all too happy to help and show of his muscles. In additon to those rough hands, you’ll need a large piece of wood, mason jars, tea lights and heavy rope. Then all you have to do is cut holes in the wood (that’s where the handsome man comes in), put the tea lights in the mason jars, slip the jars into the wooden holes and tie on the rope. Classic and simply gorgeous!

For more Mason Jar lighting tips, head to Design*Sponge one of the sites on our blogroll

Image: Print Nest

Oh my….. Use mason jars for craft storage? Yes please. After staring at this photo and trying figure out just how they did it, I stopped (cause I was getting nowhere) and asked Movie Star. Outside of his name, he is also quite a handy fellow. He told me they just screwed in a clamp. A what? If you are as daft as me when it comes to stuff like this, here are two options you can try at Home Depot. If you use a 2-Hole Clamp it’s pretty obvious how you screw it to the wall. If you use Stainless Steal Clamps, Movie Star said that it would be screwed behind the mason jar and then tightened in the front.

Image: Paul Johnson

I am going to be 100% honest with you right now: This is my favorite idea and the one I’m going to do. I have alway loved pictures and this seems like a cool, vintage way to display them all over!
Needless to say, I’m going back to that good ol’ 99 cent store to pick out my mason jars. Have fun with yours!

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