Wedding Trends: Drinks

Continuing with the edible side of wedding trends, we’re moving onto wedding reception drinks. Although there are some new twists on old favorite drinks, the major change taking place is the drink presentation. Also, as alcoholic drink choices don’t differ much besides signature drinks of the bride and groom, I’ll be dealing with non-alcoholic beverages. As the rest of the wedding turns away from modernism, so do the drinks. The trend is a return to old-fashioned, elegant simplicity. There are numerous ways to do it, but there are a few definitive ways.

The chief differing element which influences trends of wedding reception drinks is the idea of self-service. Rather than having waiters bustle around guests, couples are opting for the simplicity of making beverages available for guests to serve themselves. With this, pitchers and drink dispensers are becoming more popular. They add a sweet touch to any wedding and can still be elegant if done well.
To add a rustic feel, jars are opted for over glasses. This can also be very sentimental if you are able to get jars with a brand you like or save various jars over time. It’s also the most unpretentious way for your guests to drink. Include jars with your dispensers and you have a sweet, simple yet elegant drink display.

Adding a touch to a drink isn’t new, but these design elements are changing. Instead of a plain straw, a whimsical, colorful detail is added by using striped straws. A flag can add a touch of decor as well as the ever-popular umbrella. A truly natural addition, and my personal favorite, is the use of flowers. Many flowers are edible and can truly enhance a drink’s look and flavor. If a whole flower is too much to you though, use petals. It’s simple, elegant and sweet all in one.
For drinks that aren’t mixed and don’t require a dispenser, such as soda pop, the fad is to make them look as old-fashioned as possible. This is done by using glass bottles and with the most vintage labels possible. To make it even more classic, keep them in a crate or to throw them in a metal tub of ice for an easy grab. A cute vintage feel can be done by adding an old-fashioned bottle opener and straws.

Lastly, the choice of wedding reception drinks are trending as well. Here the aim is to be as original as possible, while still offering drinks that your guests won’t be timid to try. This is usually done by putting a twist on common drinks such as water, ice tea and lemonade. One of the greatest flavors I’ve seen is Ginger Mint Lemonade. You can incorporate any fruit you like, so be original, so make your lemonade as tasty as you can. Teas are also one of the most varied refreshment there is, so choose your favorite flavors. To add more pizazz, the main trend is to add fruits and other natural elements such as leaves for more zest. To flavor water in an uncommon way, simply toss in lemons, limes and mint leaves, making it different and simple.

Drinks are more important than you may think for the decor and deliciousness of the wedding. Choose the best for flavor and flair to enhance your affair.

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