Wedding Trends: Desserts

Wedding dessert trends…..? It’s not just about the cake anymore. Our next subject is one of my favorites in weddings. A new trend in weddings is to have desserts along with cake. The possibilities of desserts are wide open, as it is not a classic custom. It can range from donuts to rock candy and from s’mores to cotton candy. If you want incorporate things that you love for all your guests to enjoy (and more importantly, you can afford it), you will want to consider adding desserts to your wedding festivities.

One of the things about this element of the wedding that makes it even more easy and fun is that the choices for desserts don’t depend on the motif. Elegant weddings can have M&M’s, cookies and suckers (and still be elegant). Also, rustic weddings may serve petit fours, macaroons and chocolate-covered fruit, and still be simple.
Your theme can shape your desserts if you choose as well. One of my favorite weddings was a carnival-themed wedding complete pixie sticks, laffy taffy, caramel popcorn, licorice rope, ice cream and of course, cotton candy. Another baseball-themed one had boxes of Cracker Jacks outlining the cake for guests to nab.
Every bride wants to have original elements in their wedding, but it’s most important to include what you love. If you love cupcakes and pies, include these desserts rather than trying to find something original. Instead, just try to display your desserts in clever and original manners. Your desserts don’t have to fit your motif at all, just make the display of it fit your motif.
For an elegant wedding with gummy bears, jellybeans, and other candies, put each in a jar, glass or porcelain bowl with an elegant spoon.
For whimsical weddings, use colorful decorations, such as different colored platters or bowls for each dessert.
For a rustic theme, consider holding candies in drawers or incorporate natural elements such as grass, leaves and branches. If you have a very specific theme, such as a zoo or holiday, have fun with it! Those themes give you the most room for creativity, especially in terms of desserts. Be creative, because no matter what, they will taste good 🙂
Desserts are the one thing that everyone at your wedding is guaranteed to love. Many guests look forward to seeing what arrays of the couple’s favorite goodies will be laid out. Don’t be mistaken, each wedding needs a focal sweet, such as the wedding cake, so don’t try to replace the cake with a selection of desserts. Having desserts is a fun extra feature, but only include it if you can afford it. If you are able to, have fun choosing your selection to make your day as sweet as possible.
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