Thursday Throwbacks: Headbands

Introducing Thursday Throwbacks! Each Thursday we’ll bring you a look into the past through fashion, housewares, photographs, beauty tips and everything else vintage. Stay tuned for more retro finds and tips on how to incorporate the old with the new. Today we’re talkin’ about vintage style headbands.
Headbands began going out of style in the mid 90’s, and no one has been caught dead wearing them for over a decade. In the past year though, as retro fashion is coming back in style, headbands are coming back, but not as the thick, fluorescent or polkadot accessories from Full House or Clarissa Explains It All. Headband designs now come from an era much further back. We’re talking the flappers of the 1920’s and before.The two main designs that are bringing back the headband are flowers and feathers.
They’re much more chic and feminine than the cheetah-striped headbands that you might remember Jessie Spano or Kelly Taylor sporting, and I believe that is because they’re going for an old-fashioned feel rather than modern.
Flower headbands are meant to make the flower appear to just be placed in the hair. They’re opted for over clips, because headbands stay in place much better. The bands are also now very thin to help conceal it. Headbands are coming back into style, but the band itself is meant to be barely there. The flowers themselves vary greatly as there’s not only just one ruling style. They’re usually worn at a tilt, a vintage trend from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Another style from the yesteryears is wear it at the front of the head rather than at the center.
Different from the originals though, are new types of designs and materials for flowers. Flappers’ headbands were meant to look lavish, expensive and elegant, made from the best materials. The flowers had to look authentic for the effort put into them. Nowadays, headbands are more simple, basic and don’t have to emulate a real flower exactly. A major trend it to use to fabrics, especially cloth for the flowers. It’s very cute, very colorful and pays homage to the flappers’ design while still creating a design all its’ own.
Of course authentic-looking flowers are still made. The types of flowers mirrored are more diverse now, but the original idea remains the same. The style is quite pretty and if you want a classic cute look, it’s the way to go.
The other major headband design making a comebacks is the feather. I love this one, because it hasn’t been seen since the 20’s. Flowers have always been prevalent in all types of fashion, but feathers have been popular only here and there. Feather headbands can only be associated with the flappers and this gorgeous throwback in making it’s way back into fashion again. I love to see them becoming popular once again.
Feathers can be incorporated into designs with flowers or be the design itself. The style I think is the coolest is one large feather going across the entire head. Like the flower headband, the trick is made the band not visible and unlike the flower headband, it is never really worn at the front of the head. For a vintage and rare look, you can’t go wrong with this.
Now that headbands are becoming trendy again, the designs, like everything else nowadays, are becoming numerous. Along with flowers and feathers, there are other natural elements being designed onto headbands such as starfish, seashells, butterflies, beads and many more. They’re not throwbacks, but throw-back inspired. Stay tuned next week for another Thursday throwback find!
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