Hostess Gifts: East Coast Classics

Well, it is about time I continued with my series on Hostess Gift ideas wouldn’t you say? So sorry it’s been awhile and it would have been nice to have these for visiting during the holidays, but you know how the holiday time can be. Things got a little crazy. But here we are ready to discover some more options, but this time on the east side of these united states! So if you’re from there or will be visiting, here are a few companies that you might want to check out before you head over to your new hosts.

If your friend or family member loves to season, the sugar blend collection by Boston’s Didi Davis will sting their sweet tooth. Each sugar blend adds flare and crunch to fresh, cooked and baked dishes. They will be wonderful on toast, yogurt, hot cereal, ice cream and fruit salads too! It’s the perfect ….. and sophisticated way to spice up any dish. And your host will have fun experimenting with each and every blend.

The Paris Apartment’s website is so delectable that I don’t even know where to begin with their products! However, this French stationary is too perfect to pass up. What woman doesn’t need everyday cards to send out as thank you’s, love you’s and thinking of you’s? I know I do. And this East Village New York Boutique is brimming with French furniture, accessories and repaired flea market finds that you’ll want to take home right along side these cards.

If you’ll be in the Jersey area and desire to bring your host a little something sweet, try thecrumb bun‘s at Supreme Bakery. As a child my father took me to this bakery and told me stories of how he and his family use to pick up these scrumptious treats every Sunday after church when he lived in West Orange. So, I had to add this Bakery’s goodies to the hostess list. Now you can pick up singles for $.99, but why not grab a dozen at $6.99 so your host’s family can enjoy the gift too!

Now, you and your host may not have a sweet tooth but something canned could spice up their life. I would check out Manhattan’s Rick’s Picks, where Rick himself makes fourteen varieties of shelf-stable pickles. The pickles are hand-packed and all natural, making for distinguishable taste and exceptional quality. I love the idea of their newspicy canned pickle chips for $7.99. Someone please bring these to me!

Don’t forget that your hostess might want something for her home too. And Providence’s Risd Works might have just the gift in their calf & half creamer. Your host (and you!) will giggle every time they pour from this playful pitcher as it reminds them of where milk comes from. Each and every product at is made by alumni and faculty of Rhode Island School of Design (risd) so you’ll also have the peace of mind to know you will be supporting something special and impactful.

Lastly, cheeses and meats from Philly make for a fabulous vision as your hostess opens her door to greet you. And the Di Bruno Bros. who opened there tiny shop in 1939 have every option you could imagine. I love a simple block of cheese at $9.99, but you can also find many gourmet gift baskets to suit the meat, cheese or wine lover in your life too!
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