Use Ornaments as Christmas Decor

Whenever this time of year comes a callin’ I begin to get excited. I bust out my boxes of decorations, lights and garland. This year I began sifting through what I’ve truly been using and what it just simply clutter. Once I organized it all, I made a box for the Goodwill and then looked at what was left over for my home. It wasn’t much. I’ve realized that though I have 3 strings of garland, tree ornaments, a nativity scene, decorative candles, wreaths and lights galore I didn’t really have any semblance of order or style to my adornment. So, I went to a few stores searching for any kind of idea. And then it hit me: use ornaments all over to tie it all together! It was like that light bulb just went “ding!” inside my head. So, if you want to use this concept for your home christmas decorations, here are a few great ways to string your ornaments together.

  • Of course you’ll use them on your tree, so if you’re planning on doing an ornament theme all around the home make sure the round ornaments on the tree are in the same color scheme or design as the one’s you will be using all over.

  • Create a beautiful centerpiece on a table – or anywhere really – with a few pillar candles gathered together on a plate while round varied ornaments, jewelry, and frosty snow surround them.

  • I have a tall, thin vase and love to fill it with items for every season. In the the fall or winter I usually place discarded christmas tree branches, fall leaves and pine cones inside. But this year I’ve decided to use ornaments too! You don’t want this to come across too orderly so the it’s best to use at least three items (branches, berries, roses etc.) and different sized ornaments to complete the ensemble.

  • My parents have a grand staircase and my mother always wraps garland around the railing at Christmas time. The past few years she has hung gorgeous ornaments from the garland with pretty, soft ribbon in varied lengths for depth. She just tied the ribbon to the garland or rail, but you can also attach the ribbon to an ornament hook and hang the hook on the garland. It’s always classically beautiful.

  • And don’t forget about the bannister! This is the place where you want to start off your staircase decor with flair. If you hang a few large pine branches, hooked to the bannister in floral wire and gather several ornaments in varied sizes and colors in front that cascade down towards the floor, you will wow anyone who begins a journey up the fabulous staircase.

  • And speaking of ornaments attached to ribbon, there are many other options for this duo that you’re home will just love! Just wrap an embellishing ribbon around hanging towels and tie a knot. Then attach an ornament with a piece of wire or ornament hook wrapped around the knot. This looks especially fantastic on the backs of dining room chairs! Better Homes and Gardens suggests draping a pretty towel, large napkin, lovely scarf or any other fabric over the chair and then proceed with the above instructions.

  • If you plan on using the dining room chair suggestion, top of the table look with ornament place cards and napkin rings. For the place cards, just adhere a small embellished piece of paper with your guests name on it to the ornament. For the napkin ring, attach an ornament or two to ribbon and tie it around a rolled up napkin.

  • Ornaments also look great atop candle sticks. They don’t even have to be matching candle sticks as long as they have the same look and style. This idea works great with varied heights. Simply gorgeous!


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