A Poem For Thanksgiving


Pretty flowers
Lovley linens
Precious china and silver
Candles are lit and all aglow
Smiling faces
Laughing voices
“So good to see you.”
“I am glad you could come.”
I am thankful for Mommy
I am thankful for Daddy
I am thankful for my husband, my children
I am thankful for my wife
I am thankful for God above, Who keeps us through life
The aroma of turkey is arresting
Bright colored cranberries are tart to eat
Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, savory stuffing
“Have some corn, my friend.”
Now there is pie!
How much can one eat?
Table talk draws us closer
Some is serious
Some is hilarious
Some is reminiscent
All join and participate
What a wonderful gathering
Memories in the making
Remembering all those of the Past
Looking forward to those of the Future
Cultivating love that will last
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