The Right Wedding Photographer Makes all the Difference

With the Summer coming to an end, most couples have had their weddings and are settling into their new found lives. But I must admit that the Fall Wedding has become increasingly popular. The leaves, the colors, the vintage feel of the season lends itself for a gorgeous ceremony with unbelievable weather. I had a fall wedding and all of those factors played a huge part in my color choices and location. Since I do love all things pretty, I have been stumbling around the web in search of weddings that make me want to marry my husband all over again. The one thing that has stood out to me is the quality of photography. And thinking about wedding photo’s makes my heart sink a little.

See, I had a great photographer. He was a friend of mine who is a professional in Los Angeles. I trusted him completely and gave him a list of everything I wanted photos of. He did a very nice job and I was happy with the pictures. But as the last few years have come and gone, I have developed this insatiable thirst for amazing photographs. So anytime I come across wedding photos that scream creativity, vintage style and immense quality, I become a little sad that I didn’t focus more on what exactly I wanted for my wedding photos. artistic sense that so many photographers have these days.
If you are planning your wedding, I urge you to consider the things that mean the most to you. Whatever is most important should be what you spend the most money on. Even if photos aren’t big on your must-have list for life, your wedding photos will be ones that you cherish forever. Plus, your parents, children, grand-children and great grand-children will cherish them too. Take your time researching. Seek out a photographer with the artistic style you are trying to accomplish and go with them. Here are a few gorgeous selections from around the web to get you started:
Abigail Seymour Photography

Laurel McConnel Photography

Our Labor of Love Photography – Heidi
Jake Holt

Smitten Photography

Carla Ten Eyck

Anna Kuperberg – My cousin Jennie’s Wedding!