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Fourth of July Nail Art

A manicure has gone far beyond a simple application of nail polish to nail art. As we have mentioned before, we love nail art, and the birthday of declaration of independence of the United States is an ideal event to practice creating some creative nail art. To help you, I have some unique and creative Fourth of July nail art ideas for you to try out. There are many options to show off your patriotism through nail art. You can paint on Old Glory or creatively display stars. You can also take advantage of the day and paint on fireworks or  just show off the red, white and blue in creative ways, including true girl-fashion: in glitter. Whatever you choose, here are original Fourth of July nail art ideas to help you celebrate the day.

The most prominent way to show off your love of America is with the Stars and Stripes. And although it may seem common, there are many ways to do this, so it is easy to be original with your manicure {or pedicure}.


If you want something a little less on the nose, stars may be an option. After all, it still pays tribute to the flag, fireworks and the Revolutionary War. Plus, they are quite fashionable :)


If you simply want to celebrate the day , want to break away from the red, white and blue color scheme or if you just want something less common, try painting on some fireworks.


Or, you can make some nail art of your own by combining these elements or inventing your own. Tie die, ombre, polka dots, gingham and other designs can make for lovely Fourth of July nail art.


If you do try one, please send us a photo or leave a comment telling us how it turned out. Happy Fourth of July!


Bethany | Laser Hair Removal Toronto - July 11, 2014 - 8:45 am

These look amazing. Should have tried this last week.

Bethany | Laser Hair Removal Toronto - July 10, 2014 - 2:50 pm

oh ma these are beautiful designs.

Hannah - July 4, 2014 - 7:38 pm

These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Fourth of July Fashion Ideas

It is difficult to believe that the Fourth of July is just around the corner! It seems like school just got out last week. Summer is in full swing now, though, and I could not be happier. Like most people around America, my family is now getting ready for the Fourth of July.  Along with food, fireworks, the day calls for some special Fourth of July fashion. We women are fortunate in that regard, because we have so many options. Bonnie gave some beautiful and creative red, white and blue Fourth of July fashion tips before, and I think it is time to provide an update the Fourth of July fashion ideas to help you create a new outfit this year.

For the more subtle look, you can work in red, white and blue into your Fourth of July fashion simply using your existing wardrobe. There is no need to go out and buy clothing with American flags all over it, which you will only wear once a year. Solid colors work wonderfully as do starry tops and striped totes. Add fireworks elements as well for a truly creative look. Above all, keep your look summery and fun.

fourth of july outfit

photo @ Hello Fab

red white and blue outfit

photo @ Lucky

fourth of july fashion

photo @ Pumps & Iron

july 4th outfitamerican outfitjuly 4th fashion


fourth of july 2

fourth of july 2 by clairethebear06

4th of July
Fourth of July Outfit Idea
Fourth of JulyFourth of July by lemongranita
Fourth of July

Fourth of July by rosslynchlover13

If you want your outfit to pay homage to the USA in a more conspicuous manner, just throw on Old Glory in some way. The possibilities with this are endless, so go crazy. And, if you are creative and fashionable enough, you just may create an outfit that you can wear any day of the year.




collage photos @ Juicy Bows ~ Terrain ~ Hugssy ~ Macy’s ~ Red Garnet Vintage ~ Fashion Greek ~ Sole Society ~ Nasty Gal


Heidi - June 27, 2014 - 7:27 am

I’m in love with that pencil skirt! So cute =D

DIY Homemade Sunburn Remedies

sunburn remedies

It may not officially be summer yet, but it already feels like August here in Los Angeles. We had a steady forecast of 90° days last week. That means a lot more time outside for me, including a trip to the beach. Now, I am tan (still slightly red) and ready for summer. I’m even developing tan lines on my feet from my sandals. Weirddd. Anyways, for those who do not tan quite so easily, though, I understand that this time of year brings a twinge of grief, because you have to prepare for sunburns every time you step outside. So, to help you enjoy the summer a bit more, I have a few handy homemade sunburn remedies to help treat your sunburns.

1.) Take a bath with baking soda

Scoop two tablespoons of baking soda into a cool bath and soak for 15 minutes. Do not exceed this time, because baking soda can dry out your skin.

2.) Repair your skin with an oatmeal bath

As we have mentioned before, oatmeal softens and hydrates your skin and it is ideal for treating a sunburn. Grind up a cup of oatmeal in a blender or coffee grinder and toss it into a warm or cool bath. It will soften and hydrate your skin and prepare the dead skin to be exfoliated.

3.) Sooth your skin with a cool cloth

Ice may be too harsh to apply to your skin, but a cold cloth can be just right to get a soothing effect. Try leaving the wash cloth in the freezer for a few minutes to get the cloth cold, but not icy.

4.) Moisturize with cold lotion

When your skin is burnt, it needs moisture. You can hydrate it with lotion. You can make it more soothing, though if you keep your lotion in the fridge for a few hours or in the freezer for 20 minutes or so.

5.) Relieve pain with potatoes

Raw potatoes are a time-tested pain reliever and natural healer due to the fact that they are antibacterial. Just blend up a potato and apply the puree to your skin. You can wrap the puree around your burnt areas with gauze to make it less messy. Leave on the concoction for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Alternatively, you can also place potato slices on your burnt areas for the same effect.

6.) Ease irritated areas with corn starch

For areas that receive lots of friction with clothing, such as where your pants button or your bra straps fall, cover these areas with cornstarch. Jelly substances will add to the friction and exacerbate the pain, but cornstarch will help make the clothing glide.

7.) Use witch hazel to reduce sting

As an anti-inflammatory, witch hazel can reduce stinging pain of sunburns. Just apply it with a wash cloth, tissue or cotton ball and let it dry.

8.) Apply yogurt to speed healing

This is a popular remedy and for good reason. The coldness will soothe your skin while the yogurt restored your skin’s natural pH level.

9.) Add vinegar to your bath as an astringent

A cup of white or apple cider vinegar can be added to your bath as an astringent, which will soothe the burn and speed healing.

10.) Drink water to hydrate your skin

It is important to stay hydrated while recovering from a sunburn. So, drink up to give your body what it needs to repair itself. Water will also cut down any dizziness you may experience from being too long in the sun.

11.) Eat melon to stay hydrated

If you get tired of drinking water, eat some summery melon instead. Watermelon, honeydew melon or cantaloupe will do. Along with hydration, they will provide nutrition as well.

12.) Drain the blisters

You may think that you should let the blisters be, but large ones may actually toxic and should not be left to sit. Wash your hands before you do anything else. Sterilize a needle and then poke a tiny hole into the blister and allow it to drain. You can do this up to twice in the first 24 hours to speed up the healing. After that, the toxicity has dropped and therefore you can allow the blisters to heal on their own. Cover the blister with a bandaid or gauze until it heals.

13.) Soothe and repair your skin with aloe vera ice cubes

We have mentioned this cool little tip before. Pair the comfort of cold with the relieving and repairing attributes of aloe vera for possibly the most immediate sunburn treatment.

14.) Use tea to decrease swelling

This is a popular method. Just apply plain black tea with a wash cloth, tissue or cotton ball to the infected area. You can also place tea bags on your eyelids or beneath them to reduce swelling due to sun exposure.

15.) Relieve and repair skin with cucumber

Cucumbers are chock full of vitamins including vitamin E, which is essential for repairing damaged skin.

16.) Avoid soap

Soap strips your skin of vital nutrients and moisture, so skip the soapbar while your skin is recovering from a sun burn.

If you know of any other homemade sunburn remedies, let us know below!



My Favorite CS Lewis Quotes

I like CS Lewis’s work as an author, but I like him even more as an intellectual and man. Personally, I find the stories of his good friend, JRR Tolkien to be much more entertaining to read. The timeless wisdom he has passed on to mankind through his personal deliberations, though, has given inspiration and food for thought for many people, including myself. I personally find comfort in many of his axioms for which he is well known. To pay small homage to this amazing man, I have chosen a few of his quotes that I love the most to share with you. Hope you enjoy! If you have any other CS Lewis quotes that you love that are not included here, please let me know below!

Also check out our favorite inspiration quotes on God, love and beauty!

cs lewis quote a womancs lewis quote abuse of free willcs lewis quote affection

cs lewis quote best for us

cs lewis quote another worldcs lewis quote believe in Christcs lewis quote better housecs lewis quote better thingscs lewis quote blessingscs lewis quote brave knightscs lewis quote childrencs lewis quote christian does not thinkcs lewis quote cliffcs lewis quote couragecs lewis quote cupt of tea and bookcs lewis quote dearest lovecs lewis quote diminish Godcs lewis quote dreamscs lewis quote everything is differentcs lewis quote experiencecs lewis quote fairy talescs lewis quote faith is the artcs lewis quote forgive the inexcusableTexture Abstract Metal Rustcs lewis quote friendship is borncs lewis quote friendshipcs lewis quote God speakscs lewis quote godcs lewis quote godcs lewis quote great literaturecs lewis quote happiness and peacecs lewis quote happinesscs lewis quote hardshipscs lewis quote homemakingcs lewis quote how badcs lewis quote humilitycs lewis quote i pray becausecs lewis quote Jesus diedcs lewis quote joy of wordscs lewis quote life is too deepcs lewis quote love of knowledgecs lewis quote love with actionscs lewis quote low pointscs lewis quote meet peoplecs lewis quote miraclescs lewis quote originalitycs lewis quote pridecs lewis quote read bookscs lewis quote relying on godcs lewis quote same way twicecs lewis quote shinecs lewis quote sillinesscs lewis quote strugglecs lewis quote truly yourscs lewis quote trust Jesuscs lewis quote vulnerablecs lewis quote want godcs lewis quote who we arecs lewis quote writingcs lewis quote you are a soul


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