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Weddings are the celebration of the joining of a husband and wife, and the focus is rightfully mostly on them. Couples that care about their guests though, try to make them as comfortable as possible. This is done by making them feeling as welcome as possible. A few extra touches specifically meant for making your guests comfortable show them how much you care that they have come to celebrate your wedding and make them enjoy your wedding that much more. A little added thoughtfulness and care can make the most of your big day for you and your guests.

The main way to break down weddings into categories when speaking about guests’ comforts is by weather. The guests’ needs will vary depending on the weather. Due to the fact that most weddings take place during nice, warm weather, there is much that can be done during these seasons.

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The most common way to comfort your guests is to provide sandals for your guests. This is not limited to beach weddings only. Most girls would like to kick off their heels for the reception regardless of the location. Whether in a barn or on the beach, a dance floor is a dance floor, and women don’t like to cut a rug in heels. By setting out a basket of sandals for guests to use for the reception and take home with them, guests don’t need to choose between being uncomfortable or going barefoot on dirty floors.They’ll appreciate the small touch and enjoy their time more.

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The second most common comfort for guests is the new trend of providing throw blankets for wedding ceremonies or receptions that involve any outdoor locations. One of the perks of summer weddings are beautiful nights, which is why many receptions involve the outdoors in some way. For the guests in spaghetti straps or those sensitive to windy nights, leave out a few baskets of throw blankets for guests to cover up with. They also make for a sweet momento if guests can take them home.

photo @ KDC Events

Warm weather carries with it many problems that cold weather does not. The chief among those are insects and the sun. Make your guests a little more comfortable by providing them some guard against both of these pests. Leave sun screen and bug spray in places that guests can easily find. This can mean leaving them by the programs for the ceremony and the wedding book for the reception. Or, it’s possible to create stations specifically for guests’ comfort and include this among the other goodies.

photo @ Bubbly Bride

For some stylish comfort in the sun, leave out sunglasses and/or parasols for guests. Guests will enjoy the uncommon gesture and the fact that so consideration was made for them. The added bonus with these options is that they each make photos more fun for guests. Accessories always make photos more fun and also make for great keepsakes.

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When dealing with cold weddings, most guests take necessary precautions and bundle up warmly before heading to the ceremony. As you may have guessed, the greatest concern is making sure they are warm. A great option is to see to this is to leave out a few baskets of mittens. If mittens aren’t enough, then you can also leave out a basket of hand warmers as well. Guests can slip these into their mittens for some extra warmth. Or, if their toes are beginning to freeze, they can slip them into their boots. If all else fails, you can have throw blankets available.

There are many comforts that can be provided for guests regardless of the type of wedding or time of year. First of all, to make sure all guests enjoy the wedding, children must be content. This not only makes kids happy, but it also makes it easier for parents to have fun. There are many simple solutions for this.

An easy way to make kids want to actually sit at the table is provide board games. This may look tacky though, unless you have board game centerpieces. A game of Chutes and Ladders or Sorry will keep kids entertained and in their seats for quite some time.

photo @ The Knot

You can also make the table their easel by covering the kid’s table in butcher paper. This will also keep them entertained at their table giving mom and dad a rare opportunity to dance.

photo @ Martha Stewart Weddings

If kids are getting restless though, and want to explore the reception, have I Spy boards ready for them. They can run around the reception together looking for everything on the list. For something really special, have a prize ready for the first person to cross off everything on the list.

photo @ Wedding Bee

The most timeless and simple way for kids to have fun is to give them bubbles. Bubbles are fun for kids to run around with inside and outside. And fortunately, they also can be used at the send off.

photo @ Style Me Pretty

For more fun for kids (and adults), consider a photo booth. No matter which type of photo booth you’d like to use, kids will love taking wacky photos for as long as they can, especially if props are involved. Adults will also love the momento and will have fun trying different poses with family and friends.

photo @ Style Me Pretty

Another amenity for all guests is a desserts section. The one thing everyone looks forward to at the wedding (and remembers) is the cake. You can also make another sweets stations to slake your  guests’ sweet tooth. If you don’t want to create another entire table of pies, cupcakes or candy, then you can set up a few camp fires or fire pits for guests to roast smores on. It’s simple, relaxed and a fun way for guests to end their evening.

photo @ Wedding Window

Lastly, (maybe this only only applies to cake and flowers or perhaps just DIY weddings), I like the idea of allowing guests to take the things that have been bought (not rented, obviously) that the bride and groom don’t want. The bride and groom can’t everything, so they might as well let others put the bouquets and mason jars to good use.
Small efforts and gestures can go a long way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate your wedding with you. Consider your guests’ wants and needs for your wedding and everyone will be sure to have a splendid time celebrating your new marriage.


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    Some great ideas here. I love the mason jar candle holders, board game tables, the flip flops ideas…can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my shoes of at weddings. There isn’t one idea I didn’t like. Awesome info, thanks!ReplyCancel

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Happy Easter to everyone!



I first heard read how to silk tie dye Easter eggs on MarthaStewart.com  about five years ago.  I loved the concept, but lacked the motivation and follow through to try it.  I would remember it every year around Easter, sometimes I would even vow to do it.  But then Easter would come and go, ties untouched.  In fact, If I’m being honest I barely squeeze in the traditional egg dyeing between egg hunts and brunches.  It always the same.  At 9:30 on Easter Eve, there I am hunched over my boys hurrying eggs in and out of colored water so they can get to bed and I can hide said eggs.

Well this year I wised up.  THIS year I tie dyed eggs a week early.   My boys, like most kids, are boiled egg gobblers.  I can’t peel them fast enough to keep the plate from emptying.  So I figured since it was the beginning of their Spring Break, we could dye a few dozen eggs and they could have them for breakfast all week.  I was right on one account, my boys took care of the eggs.  They were gone the first morning. TWO dozen eggs!!

We had a blast with this process and the boys pitched in a lot more than I had anticipated.  I rescued a bunch of ties that Alpha was tossing out last year, so we were all set in that dept.  If you don’t have any ties laying around, check out your local thrift store or Goodwill.  Bold prints show up best.  One change I will make if we do this again is to tie the string around the tie tighter so that the silk is touching the the entire surface of the egg.  I had a few gaps and crevices that left white spots where the tie wasn’t touching very well.  Other than that, the prints transferred nicely.


  • 2 dozen medium eggs
  • scissors
  • about 10 silk ties
  • white cotton fabric, a junk pillow case was just enough fabric for me
  • string, yarn or twisty ties
  • 6 Tbsp vinegar
  • Pot full of water


  1. Un-thread ties and discard any insides, reserving only the silk fabric.  (I actually kept the white inserts.  I’m not sure what I will use them for yet.  Perhaps a Father’s Day craft.  If I end up using it, I will post how.  So hang on to it if you would like to follow along.)
  2. Using an egg to determine size, cut each tie into squares that will completely wrap around the egg with room to tie it together on top. I got three good squares out of each tie, but probably could have gotten four if I wanted to.
  3. Cut 24 squares that are the same size as your silk squares out of the white cotton fabric.
  4. Tie a square of silk around each egg.  Secure with string, yarn, etc.
  5. Then tie a white cotton square over the silk.  It is tempting to tie both squares with the sames string.  This will work, but you won’t get the ‘tight’ fit I was talking about earlier.  the result will be white spots left on your eggs from the fabric crevices.
  6. Fill a pot with just enough water to  cover the eggs completely (its okay if the fabric tied at the top is not covered).  Stir in 3 Tbl of white vinegar.  I had to boil a dozen eggs at a time, hence the double measurement of vinegar in the supply list.
  7. Bring water to a boil and boil eggs for at least 20-25 minutes.
  8. Carefully remove the eggs from the water and allow them to cool.
  9. Cut strings and marvel at your magically patterned eggs.  And if you have ravenous egg hunters like me, try to keep the shells on for at least a few minutes.
  10. If you are displaying these beauties, Martha recommends polishing them with vegetable oil to give them a sheen.


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I put this little handmade DIY together pretty quickly because I needed something to post today.  But I’ve been wanting to do this for about a week because well…… one of my dogs has decided that he like to put holes in things.  Especially my good sheets.  What happens is he finds a spot he wants to lick and then licks it until there is a hole in it.  This usually happens when Moviestar and I are at work or away for a few hours.  Because he is a Bull Terrier he can be pretty OCD and this is just one of the obsessive things he does. So anyway, I’ve tried sewing the holes together so I can use the fitted sheet he’s destroyed but it just ends up pulling apart again and this time Moose (that’s my dog) figured he’d just dig at the hole until it got bigger.  I finally said., “Enough!” I’m done with this sheet.  But I couldnt just throw it out.  I wanted to use the fabric but because it’s been my sheet I couldn’t use it for anything other than something around my house.  I remembered I’ve been wanting to make curtains and voila! Making curtains out of bedsheets! We have a winner!

Now, this was slightly more difficult than it should have been because it was a fitted sheet.  So, when cutting the fabric I had to deal with the elastic edges and boy was that a feat.  If you are using a regular sheet, this will be so quick and easy you’ll laugh thinking you went without curtains for so long while these old sheets just sat in your linen closet.  But if you’re crazy like me and want to do it with a fitted sheet, just know it’ll be a bit tricky cutting the fabric.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • one sheet
  • a rotary cutter or fabric scissors
  • a cutting mat (If using a rotary cutter)
  • a measuring stick or measuring tape
  • sewing machine
  • thread to match the fabric
  • a curtain rod
  • drapery rings with clips

Here’s how to do it:

  1. First measure your window and figure out your desired length for the curtain.  I didn’t really get the chance since my fabric wasn’t going to cut long enough, but I love the idea of setting your curtains up higher to make the ceiling appear taller, which in effect makes the room look bigger (just a tip!)
  2. Then decided the width of the curtain.  If you want it to look full when closed your best bet is to measure half of the window (you know, to the middle) and then double it.  But you may not have enough fabric in your sheet for that so just do your best.  Of course be sure that each curtain side will cover at least their half of the window or you’ll end up with just decorative window treatments instead of something that actually gives you privacy and blocks the sun.
  3. Once you have your measurements, start cutting!  This is where the cutting mat and rotary cutter come in handy.  My mom is a seamstress and has about a bajillion of them around so I just took them (hey, she said I could!) to make it easier on myself.   If you don’t have these, don’t stress.  A measuring tape and fabric scissors will do the trick.  Just make sure if you are doing it that way, that you measure correctly and mark or draw where to cut.
  4. Now the best thing to do is iron.  If your fabric is all wrinkly it won’t lay right and then you’ll end up with lopsided curtains. Iron the whole thing and then begin to iron your edges. Like so:You want to do this before you pin so that, again, you don’t end up with lopsided or crooked lines.
  5. Then pin!
  6. You are now ready to sew.  You’ll want to sew the sides down first and then the top and bottom.  This just gives you a cleaner and more professional back to the curtain.
  7. So, is is all sewn? Sweet! Hang it up! clip the sheet (oh, I’m sorry “Curtain”) with the rings and then slip the rings right on that rod and you are all set!

Here’s how mine turned out.  Again, I tried to do it quickly so I only have the one side done.  I’ll put up the other side when it’s finished. Have fun!



  • Affordable Wedding Invitations - April 6, 2012 - 3:46 pm

    Smart! Curtains are so expensive these days, but I love them! I just moved into a new place with tons of windows but I can’t sew and I can’t afford the curtains right now. :(

    So cute though!ReplyCancel

I read a post the other day on one of my favorite funny sites, Nice Girl Notes, about one of her high school experiences, and it got me thinking about my time in high school. I then realized that it’s the final stretch for this year’s seniors, which means senior prank time. We never pulled off the senior high school prank my class had planned. In retrospect, it’s better that it never happened, because now that I think about it, there’s no way the cops and at least community service wouldn’t have been involved by the end of the day. We may not have pulled off a senior prank, but I did manage to prank my friends constantly. I did have a favorite person to prank, someone I had been friends with since the age of seven. For the purposes of this article (and the fact that I’m friends with them and many others from high school on facebook), I will call him Steve. This is the story of one of my favorite pranks I pulled on Steve.

One day during our senior year, our school had what it deemed a college fair. Present were several schools that were barely a rung above community colleges, various technical school and military enlistment posts. We weren’t interested in getting info, but we were still forced to go. So, what did we focus our attention on? That’s right, swag. Swag, if you don’t know, is the cool, free stuff handed out by colleges and companies at events such as this. My friend (who we’ll call Jessica) and I walked around from table to table searching for the best swag. Most of it was lameness such as buttons or magnets that we would never use. Soon though, we started noticing pens. Not just any pens, light up pens. That changed colors. This may not sound amazing now, but it was awesome to the 17 year-old me, because it was way to distract myself and others in class. Once we saw them, Jessica and I ran around trying to find where they were coming from. We started noticing more and more people holding them, and we knew our chances were running out. These were small colleges with limited budgets, so we knew they had only so many. Then, suddenly, a hand clutching a light up pen appeared in front of my face, and all I heard was Steve saying “Look what I’ve got.”

Jessica and I: WHERE?!

Steve (laughing): It’s too late. I got the last one.

No. Of all the people to get the last one, why him? I know it’s small and pointless, but it’s just something to annoy me with in class for now on.

Me: That sucks.

Steve: Hey I’ll give it to you if you get me a bumper sticker from the Air Force table.

Me: Uuuhhh, ok. But, why don’t you just go get it yourself?

Steve: The guy at the table is really creepy and I don’t want to have to talk to him.

Me: Alright.

I walked up to the Air Force table just surveying the table in hopes to avoid conversation. Steve was right, the Air Force guy was creepy. I grabbed the fist one I saw and just walked away and gave it to Steve.

Me: Here you go.

Steve: No, not that one. That one sucks! I want the other one.

Me: There’s another one?

Steve: Yeah, the better one.

Me: Fine, whatever.

I walked up, again, avoiding eye contact with the strange Air Force guy and grabbed the other bumper sticker and then walked back.

Me: Here you go.

Steve: Ha ha!

Me: Okay, now give me the pen.

Steve: No way! I already have the bumper sticker. I’m not giving you the pen.

Me: You don’t want to start this, Think this through.

(He knew our extensive history of pranks)

Steve: Ha ha! No way!

As Steve walked away, I already knew what I was going to do to get him back. It was so simple and yet people thought it was brilliant when I did it. This took place in the fall, so Steve had football practice after school until 6:30 pm. As I was walking to my car after school and he was busy at football practice, a few friends accompanied me to slap the bumper sticker he hated oh so much on the back of his car. Hated bumper stickers that are impossible to remove are much worse than being denied a light up pen. On cue, I received an angry phone call at 6:45 pm and I just laughed into the receiver, basking in yet another successful prank. Steve was smart enough not to keep the war going and I got to see him drive around with that bumper sticker (and then the sticky residue from it after it was removed) for months to come. We had many more pranks to come that year though, including fake love notes, water balloon fights out car windows, and more. But because this one just came came together so perfectly and caused Steve so much hassle, it’s my favorite.

Oh, and I just found this card. Seems kind of fitting, huh?


F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
P i n t e r e s t
I n s t a g r a m