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Handmade Thursday’s: Valentine’s Scrapbook Page

Okay, okay. So, lately I’ve been putting up my posts late.  I’m really sorry.

But here is this weeks Handmade Thursday.  And again, it’s all Valentinesy!  I decided to make a Valentine’s Day scrapbook page that I may or may not put up for sale on Etsy.  But it was fun to make it anyway.  If I don’t sell it, I’ll just put it in my own scrapbook with a pic of me and lil ol’ Moviestar.  Awwwww……

So, I’m not usually one to only put a place for one picture because I usually have a TON of pictures, but this page for me was more about being creative and making it pretty.  You know what though, you could probably put two cropped pictures or even four squares if you needed to do more than one.

Plus, I didn’t want to go with the traditional Valentine’s red and pink – just a hint of it – so I added a bit of blue and brown. And I’m a huge fan of putting book pages into a scrapbook page.  Normally I wouldn’t strip pages out of a book, but my puppy ripped up a book a few months ago  and I’ve been saving it for such a day as this.

So, there you have it!  Hope you can put one together yourself.  If you have any questions, please shoot me an email through our contact page.  Or check out our Etsy just in case I end up putting it up for sale!


We Heart Sweets

Paired or single.  Young or old.  There are few people who can resist hearts on Valentines Day.  On any other day you might look at these recipes as a frivolous plate of silliness, but on V-Day they are almost a requirement.  Even my tough guy hubby gets a tad bit giddy when I pull out my heart shaped cookie cutters on February 14.  So to fulfill my duty of overwhelming the internet with hearts for the next week or so, I have compiled a list of some of the cutest little Valentine’s Day desserts you will ever see (and don’t forget about our heart cookies recipes).  Enjoy!

Heart Cinnamon Rolls @LisaLeonard

Heart Puffed Oven Pancakes @OurBestBites

Heart Eclairs @MarthaStewart

Marbled Heart Cookies @AnniesEats

Custom Stamped Cookies

Fudge Filled Heart Cut Out Cookies @BHG

Strawberry Oreos @ThirtyHandmadeDays

Heart Suckers @TheIdeaRoom

Filled Heart Cupcakes @MarthaStewart

Marbled Red Velvet Brownies @TheNoviceChef

White and Dark Brownie Hearts @SmittenKitchen

Rainbow Heart Cake @Bakingdom

Bonnie - February 9, 2012 - 4:17 pm

Thanks for the inspiring idea, Amy. we are happy to have you on here!

Amy {The Idea Room} - February 9, 2012 - 10:18 am

You have found a great round up of Valentine’s Day sweets. Thanks so much for including mine! I really appreciate it.

Make Your Own Valentines Day Cards

Oh Valentines Day, the day for romance whether you’re are romantic or not. It’s a lovely day no matter what anyone says (and I’m saying this as a single person). It’s a day set aside to celebrate love and to appreciate the person you are with. Unfortunately, many businesses take advantage of it, skyrocketing prices for all things romantic from teddy bears to dinners to flowers. Personally, I find one of the biggest rackets to be greeting cards. I just can’t understand how a simple card can cost five dollars. So, to make your Valentine’s gift a little more personal and to steal from the Hallmark machine ;), I’ve got a few easy ways for you to make your own Valentine’s Day Cards. St. Valentine would be proud.

via lilmagoolie.com

Make some beautiful hearts, flowers, rainbows and more with stamps. Rather than buying several stamps though, simply buy erasers. You can carve your own images into erasers or simply use pencil eraser to turn a collage of color into images. Spell your Valentine’s name out in stamps or make a lovely pattern. This is quite simple, yet looks ornate and well done.

via maureencracknellhandmade.blogspot.com

Make perfect rose patterns with celery! I know it sounds crazy, but celery stalks can make lovely roses for your cards. Just cut the stalk low and evenly. Then, lightly dip it in paint and press it onto the card. Paint on some leaves and maybe a stem as well to complete the rose. It makes for a beautiful card from the kids or a sweet handmade card to your Valentine.

via ohhappyday.com

Make a popup card that rivals store-bought cards. Make the pop up portion first as elaborate and colorful as you desire. Then, put it together in the card using this tutorial. You will never have a need to buy a card again once you learn how to put a 3-D one together!

via oh-lovely-day.com

For intricate and classic beauty that is as easy to make as it is lovely, use this doily card. Simply cut the doily in the shape and size as you desire. Then, glue the doily on smoothly, using glue sparingly. Only glue at key points to prevent it from smudging or leaking through. That’s all it takes! If you are having a creative block and can’t think of any designs, check these out for some ideas. Or, if you want to make a card out of the doily itself,  check out this site.

If you want to take the easy way out and just add a card-like tag to your gift, then these printables are for you…….or these, or these or perhaps these. You can also download lovely vintage decorations here and find Valentine’s jokes for your kids here.

So get your creative thumbs out and get going! Whether you are making something with photoshop or with markers, make it special for your Valentine. Just remember that flowers will die and chocolates will be eaten, but a personal, handmade card is something that can be treasured forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

makayla - February 12, 2013 - 8:23 am

this looks nice and stuff

Soapgirl - February 15, 2012 - 10:33 am

I love this. I have been making my own valentines for a couple of years and am inspired by the doily card!

Sample Letters - February 8, 2012 - 9:30 am

The perfect combination of great art and passion are seen on this post.Very creative and nice to know that there are people who are really into artistic designs.

Wedding Trends: Streamers

Usually when I write about wedding trends, I write about unique and popular ways to do things that most or every wedding has. Today though, I decided to highlight one element of a wedding that I love. That is wedding streamers. I love them, more than most women do. It’s quite obvious that I love weddings, but some elements are more exciting for me than others. The one thing that never wears out its effect on me is the streamer. They’re perfect for weddings! They’re bright, colorful, airy, simple, classic and can liven anything it is near. If you don’t believe me, pay attention and you will see some undeniable examples.

via stylemepretty.com

To kick off the wedding, streamers can add lovely decor to a ceremony in a light and beautiful way. They can line a path leading guests to their seats or outline the aisle. This is a simple and pretty indicator to guests where the wedding begins, and it also gives them a feel for your wedding as well. It will show the colors, the theme and atmosphere of the wedding as well.

via lifeworkmediablog.wordpress.com

Streamers are also a festive addition to ceremony designs. They can be used to outline the aisle in an original way. Most aisles, as you know, are outlined with flower, candles or otherwise. But lining them with streamers can add a simple charm that is reminiscent of ages ago.

via weddingbee.com

They can also be used at the altar as well. Streamers are particularly beautiful in outdoor weddings. Ceremonies usually take place at a focal point of the area, which usually means under a tree. So, streamers are an ideal, simple solution to add a burst of color, incorporate wedding colors and more with a few ribbons hanging from branches.

via stylempretty.com

You can also add some of your own creativity and personality to them by hanging other things along with streamers or on the them. A popular idea is to intertwine streamers with candles or flowers. If you are having an evening wedding, you could also wrap them with Christmas lights. Basically, anything you’ve ever wanted to cascade from the ceiling, streamers will help you do it.

The most enduring (and my personal favorite) way to use streamers is to send the bride and groom off from the church. Waving bright, airy ribbons around has been a way to send newlyweds off for centuries, and is an ideal classic way to do so. I love it because it’s not used as much nowadays, is still fun to do, and has been done for so long. You get simple, uncommon, and classic all in one!

Streamers of course can greatly easily enhance decor. With a few strands, a string of wire can be turned into a chandelier or a colorful cover for a lantern. It can add a whimsical touch over tables at the reception or decorate trees around the area. Anywhere that streamers can go, you can find a lovely use for.

via stylempretty.com

Not only can streamers enhance wedding decor, they can also make the wedding decor. The most prevalent use of them at wedding receptions is to decorate a porch or patio. An everyday porch can be transformed into a leisure area for wedding with just some streamers and flowers or Christmas lights.

via budgetdreamweddings.com

Streamers can be used for more than decorative purposes though. They can serve a function as well, and just be beautiful while doing it. They can be used to hold seating assignments, postcards for the guestbook, photos for a makeshift slide show of the bride and groom and more. Again, anything you may want to hang at your wedding can be done with streamers.

via onewed.com

Streamers also serve well as a barrier, especially when quickly needed. They can easily separate rooms or be used as a backdrop. Streamers make for a lovely background for a photo booth and can separate gusts from finding their seat assignment and entering the wedding reception.

via stylempretty.com

The way streamers are most used at receptions is to decorate or mark chairs. They can be used only on the bride’s and groom’s to indicate their seats specifically, or they can be used just to add flair to the entire seating arrangement.

via stylempretty.com

So wherever you can find a place for streamers, add them! You will love the simple, romantic touch no matter what  your wedding theme.Enjoy decorating!


Maegan - February 7, 2012 - 4:45 am

I like this kind of idea you streamer is very colorful I love it..Thanks for sharing this to us..
Maegan recently posted..Italian glass chandeliersMy Profile

Handmade Thursday: Valentines Day Card Tutorials

So, I know we’ve had a few Valentine’s Day card posts and well ….. here’s another one. We’ve just figured that Valentines is all about the cards so here’s some cool Valentines Day Card Tutorials I found that I think would make great DIY projects.

This one is so cute, says a lot and you could totally make it yourself.  I love the map because to me it says “Here’s a map to my heart” which i think is super cute.  But you could also use any other print of paper like this one too.  Now when I said you could make it yourself, all you’ll really need is a sewing machine.  Just cut the heart, sew a line down the middle of the heart/card and then fold the heart in a bit and you’re done!  Or you could just buy it from this gal on Etsy …..

This one would take a little more time to make but not too difficult and super cute.  It’d be best if you had a heart punch but you can also buy heart stickers or just cut them out yourself.  Then I would take some embroidery thread or some kind of string and attach it to the back of the top piece of paper. Then attach the top paper to the card, write “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on it and you’re done.  Sweet and simple.

I like how cute this little guy is.  And again, so easy to make.  Pick up a few little jewels, some pinkish buttons and a bit of thread to be set. Do I need to go into how to make it?  No, didn’t think so. Have fun!

Now if this one doesn’t just take the cake! I love the sweetheart candy idea because in encompasses all of V-day: Love, Cards and Candy.  You like it too? Well then make one for your “sweetheart”!  If you have a scalloped cutter or scissors, the bottom should be easy but if not, you can cut it yourself just keep a steady hand (I’d draw it out first and then cut).  The rest is pretty self explanatory but if you want to make the candies pop out more, use a foam instead of paper and then just get a stamp set with letters to put whatever saying you want on the hearts.  Aaaaand done.


So, I made my own version of the first card for the ol’ hubby and wanted to share it with you…… and here it is:

Ooooo, that was fun and easy!  Hope your Valentine’s Day was a good one.

denisha - February 12, 2013 - 6:51 pm


Ramya - February 13, 2012 - 1:48 am

The map idea is really nice…different from the usual pink/red color valentine day cards…
Ramya recently posted..Checked Heart – OrigamiMy Profile

Monique - February 12, 2012 - 7:18 pm

I absolutely love the first and second ones!! They’re so cute and easy to make!!
Monique recently posted..The Broken PromiseMy Profile

Lindsey - February 9, 2012 - 7:35 am

I know Colleen, isn’t it? Coming across that card is what made me want to do this post. Glad you like it and that your hubby likes the card!

Colleen - February 9, 2012 - 5:52 am

Pretty. Love the map card idea because my husband loves maps.

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