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Lily’s Pleated Headband

Right before Easter, it was my little niece Lily’s 2nd Birthday and I just had to make something for her. Yes, I love shopping as much as the next girl but I also love to create, if you didn’t know by now.

So, I got to searching. She’s such a precious girly-girl with smiles for days and I wanted to find something that would suit her now, but be able to be used as she got a little older. Plus, I wanted something slightly unique.  Since my sister loves to get her all dolled up {“Always something in the hair” she says}, I thought of a headband. Now as I was “pinning” I came across this website and loved the pleated headband tutorial and colorful options. It got my creative juices flowing!!! Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional shows you {and me!} just how to do this. Thanks Jess!

So here’s mine:

Using an old and unique button like this bunny, helped give the headband the extra “umph” I was looking for. Plus, it’s slitghly big on her now {would you believe no one had those thin elastic headbands in Jess’s tutorial? I’d think I could find them anywhere!} but it stays on and she can grow into it too. Heck it fit me and my sis.

And little miss Lily loved playing around in the backyard lookin’ spiffy on this Good Saturday afternoon.

Get the full tutorial at Craftinessisnotoptional.com

Scarlet Paolicchi - April 6, 2013 - 2:07 pm

This looks so cute & really simple! I think my daughter would love one for the spring.

I’ve added this page to my StumbleUpon. :)

Lindsey - April 4, 2013 - 7:31 pm

Lisa- Thanks for visiting! Glad you like mine. It was super easy and I didn’t have any problems attaching it to the headband. Once it was made, I hot glued it to the headband and then cut out some felt to sit underneath like the tutorial and I just hot glued that all down. The hot glue may not last forever but at least it’s an easy fix if it starts to come up. Good luck making your own!

Lisa - April 4, 2013 - 7:08 pm

My daughter would love this–I checked out the original and the directions seemed simple enough for a novice seamstress like myself to complete. Any problems attaching it to the headband? Yours is delightful.

My Less Cluttered Home: Week “5″

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been working pretty diligently on just cutting the clutter instead of re-organizing. If the clutter is gone, it will be easier for me to do my organizing overhaul. But sometimes I can’t help but do a little bit of organization after the decluttering.  This past week, I focused on my hall cabinets.


What a mess!

The issue here is that nothing had “it’s place”.  Because of that, I never knew where to put anything so it ended up wherever there was room. That meant I could never find anything. Also, as you can see all the way up top, I had all my extra linens and blankets shoved into bins and on shelves. It was taking up way too much space and looked awful.  Soooo…. I bought some vacuum seal bags and went to town!  I couldn’t believe how much these things really do save you space. Plus, now each bag houses specific items so it’s also organized. And I can slide them under the bed instead of taking up precious room in this hall cabinet. Yipee!!

{Now, of course, remember that this is not my finished product. I’m just showing you my progress.}

You have noooo idea how much crap I threw out! Half my medicine was expired – by more than 2 years! I still had stuff in there from 2009. That’s bad. Both because I shouldn’t be using it and because I probably hadn’t used it since then.

Keeping in mind this isn’t done, my top two shelves up there still need some work. One has electronics and cables, while the other holds hair styling tools.  Gotta find what to do with these ……

I hope you are taking notice of a few little things I added up there.  The mason jars filled with things I usually need often but have no room for in my bathroom are organized and easily visible {so Moviestar can find them without having to ask me “so where did you put those Q-tips!”}. And I placed them within reach and in front of a bin I don’t reach into often so I won;t have to move the jars more than when I need a new lotion for the bathroom sink.  Also, The sliding shelves {which are actually for your pantry spices} I wanted to use for medicine. I was keeping them in 2 bins just thrown in – this wasn’t working. This idea in theory is excellent! But because it’s made for small spice jars, it wasn’t fitting a lot of my larger medicine bottles.  So, I put a few things I reach for regularly and put the “cold remedy” items back in the bin. Maybe I’ll find a better solution after thinking about it.  Any ideas?

Want a sneak peak of what my next project will be?

What do think I’m doing with this empty frame? Hmmmm????  Hint: Check out My Small Bedroom Makeover Inspiration.


My Less Cluttered Home: Small Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

Let’s take a break from monotonousness of the decluttering process, shall we?

Yes, Let’s.

I’ve been sorting through all my junk this past week. Trying to follow Stephanie’s plan {a pretty good way right?} and since it’s icky and boring to show you the progress I’m making in that regard, I thought I’d show you what I take a break with: Home Decor Inspiration!

As a reminder, there isn’t a lot of room in this old place of ours {a whopping 700 sq. ft!} so you’d think that I couldn;t do much with it. But all that small space means is that I need a lot of inspirational ideas.  My bedroom has been giving me a lot of trouble for the past 6 1/2 years so I’m tackling that room first.

My biggest problems in this room:

  • Moviestar likes to throw his “home clothes” or “today’s out clothes” in a pile on the floor or on top of the dresser. Cluttered and disgusting. We must have an organized solution.
  • The room is small and it currently looks small. I need ways to make it appear larger.
  • Our bed has a good amount of pillows on it and every night {or during the day if we are lazy} the pillows are all over the small amount of bare floor available.
  • I have a lot of jewelry and nowhere to put all my jewelry boxes. Help!

If you are in the same boat as me {welcome aboard, by the way!} the best thing to do is know those problem areas so you can find perfect solutions. That’s what I did and it was so much more helpful that searching: Small bedroom decor.  Now that I’ve identified my whoas, here are a few inspirational solutions. Hope they inspire you!!

This shelf with hooks just might be the perfect solution for my hubby’s clothes problem. Plus, I can put some boxes .  BHG

This is another option I like. Thanks Apartment Therapy!

Using a basket to corale all those pillows would be awesome. Love the look too. BHG.

If I end up realizing I don’t have room for my nightstand anymore, this would be an awesome solution. BHG

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.  Lovely. Decor-4-All

Mirrors placed around rooms can help them look larger and I have a sneaky way I think I can do this without having to spend money….. hmmmm….. yes….. {evil laugh}. BHG

Another way to make my room appear larger is with a lot of curtains and placing those curtains high, high, high! BHG

Well, that was fun! You too? Great!

Granny Beth - March 27, 2013 - 6:02 am

It’s the small rooms that trip me up. Love the pillow solutions.

Easter Crafts of All Kinds!

Easter is here and I’m in the mood for some colors and crafts. Oh you too, eh? Well, ten check out the Spring loveliness from around the web I’ve compiled for you. Fun and easy easter crafts make for a more beautiful home on this blessed holiday!

Carrot Table Runner

Bunny Tea Towels

Easter Egg Candles

Wooden Easter Sign

Paint Chip Garland

Fabric Easter Eggs

Felt Carrot Garland

Easter Egg Garland


My Less Cluttered Home: Week “3″

So, I’m back on the wagon! Or is it off? Well whatever it is, I’m back to my organizing!!!!!! <— Can you tell I’m just a little excited? And I am. Very excited.  You know what did it? I looked back at my first posts. I re-read them. Then I went back to Stephanie’s 8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home and realized something:

I was trying to do too much, too quickly.

Stephanie’s whole idea was to do a little everyday. Spending no more than 30 minutes a day on one area or set of items.  I ended up thinking, “I’ll get my whole bedroom closet done today. Yeah, then I’ll feel good.” Instead I ended up using 2 hours to go through my clothes and sort by purge category {see My Rules to Purge By for more on this} as well as fold my tanks and some pants into cubbies.  That’s it. That in and of itself took me 2 hours. So, I decided to stop.  It’s probably going to take me two more hours to finish the closet and I just couldn’t spend 4 hours in one day doing this. I have a life outside of organizing, people.

{Yeah Right…}

Plus, I want to be able to show you all my progress and when I’m only doing a little bit at a time, it’s hard. Or is it? Maybe you want to see the piles of stuff I’m getting rid of and my slow-mo progress. So, I’ll start with that!  For now, here’s the progress I made on the ol’ Bedroom Closet.

{I’m so embarrassed it got this bad…..}

{Pics are terrible. Forgive…}

Looks better, right? Not done yet but better.  I’m on my way.

I also started work on my Coat Closet which is not finished either but it’s soooo much better and definitely moving forward.

And then I did a few things in my bathroom which is like a 5×5 ft. room with no built in storage.  So we put in a few shelves awhile back and have {what use to be} a nightstand there to help out too.

As you may remember I already went through my “medicine” cabinet so that’s done.  It’s feeling better everyday.

{I didn’t do much and I’m still playing with the basket but it will help with storage. Flower, no flower?}

{Yes, I did get rid of all that other stuff. Not necessary for my pretty life}

So that was it for my 3rd week. Obviously I started a long time ago {not 3 weeks ago}, but since I got off track for so long I’m just going to pretend that time didn’t happen :)

Thanks for sticking with me through this!



Lindsey - April 29, 2013 - 1:58 pm

Thanks Kim!

kim - April 28, 2013 - 11:02 am


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