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20 Lessons I’ve Learned From Lifetime Movies

Oh Lifetime Movie Network, how many vital reasons are there for your existence? Countless, in my opinion. The most important, though, is that you have taught me many a life lesson where my parents, school and society have failed. You fill in the holes where I and other women need information. Never would I have suspected that I was not my parents’ child, that the sudden disappearance of my best friend was suspicious or that a high school friend may be planning to steal my unborn baby if it was not for you. Your practical and plausible stories are timeless parables that teach women the important lessons of life.

20.) Any guy that is nice and/or telling jokes is automatically suspect of any crime just committed or has a dark past. He’s just too happy.

In every single Lifetime movie, the culprit of any crime or wrongdoing is the person you least suspect….and a man. So, who would you suspect less than the very nice guy just trying to help you with what you’re doing? That’s right, him. In reality, he is using his time with you to cover his tracks. No guy is ever just nice. Thanks for the alert, Lifetime.

19.) Step parents, surrogate mothers and nannies always have an ulterior motive.

Any movie involving a step parent, surrogate mother or nanny has never ended well. It usually ends in a kidnapping and/or ransom and always in complete uncertainty of who the true mother and father are. Basically, it devolves {if that is possible} into ‘Days of Our Lives’ with the moral being ‘this could happen to anyone’. So if you have ever wondered if you were adopted, then you are probably onto something.

18.) High school is just one big, raunchy burlesque house and no one is good in any way.

Every movie about high school always centers on the dangers of it. Every girl is basically a prostitute who hates all of her ‘friends’ {and herself} while every adult believes that she is a golden child. Every guy is numbed to their life and surroundings and just waits for girls to approach them offering sex in hopes of being popular. No one has any brains or morals and if you try to hold either trait, the aforementioned kids will systematically try to destroy your life. Don’t worry though, because the other outcast kids that literally lurk in the shadows will help  you.

17.) Men are bad. Period.

I think the basis for all for all Lifetime movies is evil of men. They always do something wrong in some way. Most of the time they are the bad guys. In the few movies in which they are not the antagonists, they are just a hinderance to the female protagonist, usually telling her that she is crazy, ignoring her or doing something else completely messed up. There are a few instances in which men do help women, but if there is, there’s also at least one other man impeding her efforts. So, just steer clear of men. Nothing good comes from them. At the very most, they can only help women, but other women can do that, too. So, women really have no need of men. Lifetime knows it all.

16.) Women are smarter, stronger and more trustworthy than men.

As you can see from #17, there is no real need or use for men, because there is nothing men can do that women cannot. Due to the fact that men are just bad, they can never equal to women in any capacity, especially in terms of character. You can never trust a man and he is too blinded by his inherent evilness to think intelligently or with any fortitude. Women have to rely on themselves for that. Men are basically helpless without women.

15.) Basically everyone you know has a dark past or at least one deep, dark secret from which they are running.

If you think people are capable of leading relatively innocent, honest and quiet lives, you better think again. No one can simply spend their life in a small town without becoming guilty of least one unspeakable secret. As for those who have not lived in only one location, they are probably running from something. You better presume these people {actually, better make that all people in general} are guilty of something. To err on the side of caution, you should be very suspicious……especially if you are dealing with a man.

14.) At any given time in your life, there is at least one person plotting to destroy you.

Evidently, jealously is the most abundant emotion in people, and the downfall of women, because it is usually another woman that wants to destroy your life. After all, men are too stupid to be jealous of you. This also ties into why you should always be suspicious of people. It is little more tricky when you have to be on the lookout among your own kind, women. So, if you have found one of the decent men comprising 0.5% of the male population, have children and an adequate job, you best be on the lookout for a new women attempting to befriend you as well as existing friends acting weird. Either of those situations adds up to your life ending in ruination.

13.) Ghosts do exist – and usually have been wronged by a man.

Fundamental components of Lifetime movies are bitterness and the ability to never forget. Apparently this bitterness continues until wrongs have been righted, even if that means after death. Since men are bad and responsible for most of the evil in the world, they undoubtedly have caused most of this bitterness and women will not forget it and definitely will not rest until these horrible acts have been amended. Also since most men are only capable of bad things, there is one long laundry list of  angry women and even more dead that await reparations. And, according to Liftetime, they are NOT going to leave you alone.

12.) Your life can be turned upside down in a matter of 30 minutes or less.

The same timeline appears in every movie. Everything starts out hunky dory, then BAM, one thing happens and everything the woman believed is a lie and her life will never be the same. Of course, 45-60 minutes later the problem is solved, but according to Lifetime, insane events happen quickly to all normal people and every crazy thing can happen to everyone. In a snap, you can find out that your parents are not actually your parents and the guy pretending to be your best friend is actually your demented half-brother wanting to use you as bate to find your real parents, because they are hiding from him. Oh, and he’s in love with you {actual plot of a Lifetime movie}. It can happen just like that. The lesson of the story is that you should not get attached to your life, because you are really the only thing you know is true.

11.) Do not believe that your parents are your parents until they prove it.

Going along with #12, how can you ever really know that your parents are parents? Having your mom’s eyes or your dad’s hair means nothing. Baby photos and birth certificates mean nothing either. DNA tests are truly the only way to tell. You need to have this done once in your life to make sure that you were not actually kidnapped as a pawn in the feud between these people and your birth parents. You just cannot trust anyone…..especially that male possibly masquerading as your father.

10.) The only thing worse than a man is a rich, manipulative woman.

Being worse than a man is hard, but some women manage to be. These are usually the girls from high school mentioned in #18 that have only gotten worse with age. Obviously, you should be wary of rich and manipulative people, but you should be about 10 times more wary when that rich person is a woman.

9.) Being psychic is quite common – and they are always right.

Apparently, there is an abundance of people walking around with knowledge regarding what has happened or what will happen to anyone they touch. These X-Men-like creatures keep these talents quiet, because this is also a dark secret. So, at any given moment, you really have at least one person near you that can peer into your life. Go to your happy place.

8.) Cops never want to help and are actually more harmful than helpful in any situation.

In every situation where someone is overjoyed when the police have arrived to ‘help’, the cops are either useless or make the situation worse. Conversations usually go like this: “Officer, I saw a hand banging on the window in the basement twice. There is someone down there!” “Lady, you are sleep-deprived and bored and we have to take into account you’re a woman, which automatically makes you delusional. You’re seeing things that aren’t there. Now, we’re going to go back to cruising around. We’ll be back in an hour when you’re running around holding a knife, bleeding and finally have some evidence.” Basically, if you think the police are there to help, think again. If they are there about a situation in which you are involved, you will be blamed. The cops are just are just plain bad. Also, they are mostly men, too. Coincidence? I think not.

7.) The law is useless.

There is always a way to have your children taken away without any proof, but it is almost impossible to convict any man of a sexual crime. The law never works for the good guy and is always twisted by bad guy to favor him. Lifetime movies prove that laws are unjust and we actually live in a country saturated with tyrannical rule.

6.) The only people with impeccable integrity are young mothers and outcast students.

Anyone who is popular or highly esteemed has committed some awful deeds to earn that position and they are willing to do anything to keep that status. The only people capable of any good are those in the mostly lowly positions, such as single, poor mothers and ignored high school kids. Evidently, the isolation makes them good and they are only people you can trust.

5.) Underage drinking WILL lead to kidnapping, rape and/or death.

In every instance where someone under the age of 21 drinks, a horrible atrocity follows. Girls are kidnapped, and possibly raped, then killed. Car accidents, affairs and gang beatings may also occur. Basically, hell breaks loose when someone under 21 drinks. When someone over 21 does though, nothing out of the ordinary happens. So, instead of showing that drinking is actually an unsatisfying way to have fun/numb yourself, which leads to lax morals, judgment and  and an overall downgrade of life, from which nothing good comes, Lifetime goes with the other route of scaring kids into believing that if you drink, you will probably deal with the decision of kill or be killed.

4.) You are smarter than everyone you know and no one else understands.

There is not one single Lifetime movie where the main character has a single person sticking with them throughout the entirety of the movie. At at least one point, each protagonist must stand against their friends, parents, husband, sister and of course, the law to prove something right, which is obvious to the viewers, but not to anyone in the movie. Lifetime teaches you to prepare for this, because you WILL have to prove a murder or that your child is really yours at some point while everyone you know is lined up against you. Again, you see that you are all alone, the world is against you and you can only count on yourself. Your only chance at finding understanding is by finding some fellow outcasts.

3.) If you have 1000 pieces of evidence to prove something, no one will believe you still.

Going along with #4, no matter what you say, you will never be believed. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard “Officer! Something horrible happened to my best friend, Mary! I haven’t seen her is 2 weeks and ‘HELP’ is written in blood on her walls!” “She’s fine. If there was something wrong, it would have been reported. Lady, you can’t come to the police every time you guys have a cat fight.” Also, if you have video of your best friend’s husband cheating on her, you might as well burn it, because she will never believe you and might accuse you of trying to get him all to yourself by tricking her into divorcing him. When you are certain that a relationship is obsessive and can prove it, then you will called a bitter person who hates relationships. Let it be a lesson that helping may actually hurt you and no matter what no one will believe what you can prove.

2.) Your paranoias are founded and are actually just healthy cautions.

Are you afraid of the random person you knew from high school that just moved into your neighborhood though you now live in another state? Or, do you not instinctually believe a woman when she tells she’s pregnant? Good! That just mean mean that you are using common sense. Lifetime movies teach that anything and everything can be a lie. If the soccer coach is keeping your daughter late at practice, do not believe that it was for the good of the team. There is probably a statutory relationship going on. So, be wary of the cable guy, even when you schedule his visit and the mailman, because he sees all of your mail. And, when you go to the doctor, be careful what he is ‘checking out’. There are people lurking all around you with deep, dark plans to hurt you in ways of which you never thought.

1.) Every actor has been desperate enough to be in a Lifetime movie at one point in their career.

It is no secret that Lifetime is not the highest quality of entertainment. This list may give some hints as to why. Nonetheless, it has been a starting point or fall back for countless actors from John Stamos to Heather Locklear and many others that you’ve barely heard of or scarcely remember. One of the funniest things (besides the amazing story lines) about Lifetime movies is seeing the scores of actors that show up and the roles that they play. I will never forget watching Fred Savage kill DJ Tanner from Full House or Tiffani Amber Thiessen trying to escape from her abusive husband. Okay, I probably will, but that does not mean it was not entertaining.

Lifetime movies, you have taught me more than any school I have attended has. You are worthy beyond your credit – a teacher whose worth unknown although your height be taken. Please keep new movies coming. I need to know who to suspect next for all the problems in my life. Lifetime, I thank you.


Leon Harrison - February 9, 2013 - 7:58 pm

2‎1. It is ALWAYS a bad idea to go to that nice-but-isolated cabin in the woods by the lake! There is NEVER a loaded gun inside; so you’ll simply have to run, scream and try to hide.

22. The villain ALWAYS knows that that building, warehouse, construction site, etc., will be empty or abandoned without witnesses, cops or security guards! And why would you go there alone and unarmed after dark?!!!!! Why don’t the good people run away and call the cops or wait for them?

23. The good pretty people are ALWAYS innocent and unarmed, except for baseball bats or golf clubs, save for knives that NEVER save their lives.

24. The nicer the cabin, house, furnishings, cars, clothes and jobs…the worse it is going to get for who owns them.

25. Lifetime people NEVER learn of the dangers of falling in love with imaginary Internet strangers, who just might be lying and trying to do evil deeds.

Claire - March 9, 2012 - 7:37 pm

@ Jen haha, I never even considered the courtroom. When Lifetime movies try to go the intelligent route, it does go downhill quick

Jen - March 9, 2012 - 6:06 pm

Love this – especially #7 and #8. I blog about Lifetime movies and I have a whole tag for “worthless cops.” They’re like, “so your husband beat you and you think he may have murdered someone? Whatever lady, fill out this form.” Also, my personal philosophy is that a Lifetime movie’s suckiness is directly proportional to the amount of time spent in the courtroom.
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Wedding Trends: Cakes

The main foci of the wedding are the bride and the cake. And really, what every guest, young and old, close family and unfamiliar friend, will care about is the cake. Cake designs have changed dramatically throughout the years, but in most recent years they have completely transformed from a dessert to a work of art. Although almost anything can be turned into a cake nowadays, wedding cakes are staying surprisingly traditional in several ways. If anything, the classic cake is being perfected and/or each couple is adding their personalities to this focal point.

The one thing that remains constant among cakes, other than tiers is the fact that it is white. Obviously, not all cakes are white nowadays, but most are. Some match the colors of the theme of the wedding, but it can’t be denied that white matches everything and is fitting for the tastes of both men and women. Most of the color on cakes are in the added details. These bursts of colors most commonly come from flowers as it has always been, but as cakes become more of an art, new elements are being introduced everyday. Fruit, candy, cinnamon and many more ingredients are used. Flowers always remain most popular though, as they simply and timelessly elegant. Whether it is real blossoms that adorn or fondant flowers that enhance the flavor, they’re always a perfect touch.

 Decorations of the cake that go beyond obvious edible additions (such as fruit or candy) and flowers are trending toward a return to elegance. Pearls, ribbons, bows and intricate patterns of fondant and powdered sugar are popular as clean and plain modern cakes are becoming less trendy. Everyone wants their cake to be original and express their personality and plain modern designs just don’t have many options for this. One of my all time favorite cakes was a elaborate classic gold design complete with white pearls and golden cameos. It was vintage chic and completely original and stunning.

Along with the return of ornate vintage is simple elegance, which seems to be being done with the use of natural elements. This could mean flowers, but it usually doesn’t mean just one or two. It includes leaves, twigs, sage, grass, mushrooms, pine needles and anything else that could be found in nature. With a beautiful pattern of layers and these natural elements, any cake would look dazzling and rustic.

Although cakes can be made into anything you can imagine today and modern cakes and cupcake towers are around, the old-fashioned elegant white cake is sticking around and becoming more and more beautiful by the wedding. Make your cake your original creation, because nowadays you can, and make it as beautiful as your wedding day.


Elanie - June 9, 2011 - 12:50 pm

oh god!…they look so delicious!!…so amazing…i love them!good job!

fashion - April 18, 2011 - 11:38 am

awesome yummy,,,,,!
i wanna eat all these creamy

Fabulous Etsy Finds: Easter Basket Goodies

I’m not sure why, but I am sooo excited for Easter this year.  I have been browsing recipes, decorations, crafts, games and all things Easter baskets.  Whatever this feeling is that has come over me, it has me READY for spring time fun next weekend.  And I am in such a state of anticipation that I want you to be ready too.  Yes, you.  I know that we have probably never met before.  But I would like to partner together to make this the best Easter ever.  Are you ready??  If not, here are some Etsy creations that will make your basket-making and gift-giving an adorable breeze.  We are gonna be the best Easter bunnies ever!


This is so chic!  It is a fabric coil Easter basket and is made entirely of, you guessed it, fabric.


This crochet bunny just has the most charming expression on his face.  It has such a crafty, Pottery Barn-esque feel to it.  And at $6, its a darling deal.


This handmade bagis ridiculously adorable.  I can picture a little girl in pigtails carrying it around while she plucks plastic Easter eggs from a grassy lawn.  Ohhhhhh, girls (sigh..).  If you are lucky enough to have one you owe it to her to buy dainty, girlie things like this.


This is ecological and ingenious all rolled into one.  These plantable strands of basket filler are embedding with wildflower seeds.  So when the peeps and jelly beans are gone, just plant these outside your window for eye candy all season long.


This seller has a plethora of vintage hang tags.  I chose this one with a little girl hugging a bunny.  I plan on using these to label each basket and also as gift tag for the goodies I am making for the neighbors.


These vintage postcard images are a delightful way to send Easter greeting to your loved ones near and far.


Forget those silly ‘ol bunnies.  When you have a house full of boys, chocolate dinosaurs is where its at.


These egg-shaped crayons have my boys’ names all over them.  They are always grabbing handfuls of crayons in an effort to create a rainbow effect.  These  little eggs make rainbow colors a cinch.


For those of us watching our girlish figures, this guy could be just what we need.  He looks like a chocolate bunny, he smells like a chocolate bunny, but he is in fact a festive little soap.


These no-slip bunny hair clips are perfect for dressing up super fine baby hair on Easter morning.


For the super cool tweenager–a unique ring that says I’m so cool I can still rock baby stuff.  She’ll love it, trust me.


I am not sure how well these flavors would actually mesh, but I had to give this chocolate jelly bean bark an honorable mention for creativity.  It is also available in white chocolate.



A Desk for Aiden

I have a confession to make—I am a junk scrounger.  If you leave your unwanted, beat up, misshapened furniture on the curb there is a high probability that I will be the one to scoop it up if you live within 50 miles of me.  It is a compulsion that gets me into a lot of trouble with the hubby. I just can’t stand the thought of perfectly sturdy furniture going to waste because of a few blemishes. In a way you could look at it as a rescue mission. No? It didn’t work on the hubby either.  Usually these items sit in my garage until I get around to fixing them up or giving them away. And I do acknowledge that it is slightly odd that I pipe up saying, ‘Oh, I’ve got the perfect thing for you!’ every time another mom starts talking about how she needs a desk or a chair or a side table at play group.

Well, this time I found something that we could actually use.

Great, right?  I know she doesn’t look like much, but with a little sanding, a little painting and the addition of the handles that were tucked inside the top drawer by the previous owner; this would the perfect little homework desk for my first grader.  I had been promising Aiden his own little space to do his homework for a while and now I could deliver with a desk makeover.

We had a desk in our spare bedroom, but was big and awkward and not his size at all.  And it really needed to go anyway.

So, back to our new (to us) boy-sized desk:

I called my handy sister, Claire, over to assist.  We made a quick supply stop at Home Depot to pick up some paint.  We picked a deep boyish shade of royal blue paint.  I already had some Kilz Clean Start primer.  It has low odor and zero VOCs so we figured it was best for a project with kiddos.

The desk was already sanded down pretty well all over except for the drawer faces.  so we gave the body a light sand and used an electric sander on the drawer faces.

We probably could have done a little more sanding, but we were tired and anxious to get things moving along.  Plus, we had the primer that I was sure would help the paint grip.  Next we used some wood putty to fill in any dents or grooves.  There weren’t many, so this went quickly.

That took about 5 minutes to dry.  Then we sanded the excess putty off.

Now we were ready to prime.  Please note that those are junky paint clothes.  I don’t regularly let my kids run around in Pj’s in the afternoon.

One lesson we learned a little late was DO NOT PAINT ON YOUR BARE DRIVEWAY.  Either put a tarp down or move it to a grassy area–in which case you should still put a tarp down to avoid getting grass stuck on your project.  We learned this the next day.

Although the primer’s label says that it can be repainted in an hour, we let it sit overnight.  Partly because we were being extra cautious and partly because it was getting late.

The next morning we started in on the painting portion of the project.

We let the first coat dry for a few hours while we went out for lunch.  When we got back we started in on coat number 2.

After letting that dry, screwing in the handles and replacing the drawers in their slots; we moved the finished product inside.

Overall, the project went well.  Especially with three little ones running around the whole time.  The primer did its job and helped the paint cling to the not-so-well-sanded drawer faces.  And now my Aiden is a happy little bug when it is homework time.  So, yay!!, for junk hunting.  We’ll put this one in the win column.  As for the 1970s headboard I found last week?  Eh, the jury’s still out on that one.



Handmade Wednesdays: Scrapbooking with Lindsey

As a picture crazy lady, I love to scrapbook.  And because I have had a lot of time on my hands lately, I have been trying to get as many of my memories and favorite family photos down on paper.  I figured since this is my current crafting extravaganza, I should share this scrapbook idea with you!

I absolutely love my little nephews (Bonnie’s kids).  They constantly amaze me and make me smile – though sometimes they can be little rascals.  I have a whole scrapbook dedicated to their little lives and fabulous memories.  Here are two pages of Bonnie’s middle son Asa.  He is such a bundle of energy and always getting into some sort of trouble.  I had a bunch of pictures of him doing silly things and wanted to put up a few pages showcasing his many adventures.  I’m sharing this page because it is a different layout, but super simple and easy.  It’s perfect for those pages where you have a ton of pictures that have cropping capabilities, but you don’t have a lot of pages in your book to spare.

Basically, I just found some papers that coordinated well, cropped the pics, used my Creative Memories wave cutter for the border and a punch for all the squares and I was all set.  Hope this layout helps with your current scrapbooking needs!


F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
P i n t e r e s t