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Sorry this is late folks.  Please excuse our tardiness. Especially because the big day when we celebrate the fathers in our lives is vast approaching. Do you have a gift for that special man in your life? What!?  You don’t!?  Well then, let’s help you figure out some Fathers Day gifts (to order as soon as possible) and look at some fun handmade items while we are at it.


First let’s start with that ever so familiar card.  They can get pretty menotenous, boring, uninteresting and filled ith the same old words that you find every year.  If you feel the same as I do on this matter, try out this handmade card! It would be especially perfect for that geek in your life.  And this shop has many more “geeky” gifts if you want to have a theme!


Here’s a fact: Every man shaves.  Yes most men have fancy razors and canned shaving cream which they put on their face with their hands.  But I know many men who would love a Shaving Mug like this.  It makes them feel like they are back in time  a bit when men went to the local Barber Shop for a cut and shave.  Give him one of these and this shaving brush and you’re sure to get him slicing his facial hairs in style.


And keeping with the bathing trend I’m on (sorry men…. you don’t smell that bad…) we have these Stud Soaps which will make any father feel like more than just that guy that goes to and from work, sits on the couch and helps you deal with the kids. Oh no, he is so much more….. he’s a stud.


Now the traditional tie is always a nice gift, especially if your father where’s a suit to work.  Or if he loves to get all dolled up (do men do that?) and sport his latest tie.  But men like that usually have tie after tie after tie.  So why not get him one with a bit of humor that can be hidden too? This Mustache Tie is the perfect gift for a fancy jokester father you may know.


Is your father or hubby a musician?  Well listen up!  This silver guitar pick and leather holder keychain will not only adhere to his taste, but can be personalized with whatever you want to say to him. Because it’s getting sort of late (you procrastinator you…) you may not be able to have it for him on Father’s Day, but knowing it’s coming will make him create room around his keys.


This Business Card Holder is one for the books. Every man is wild at heart and loves the outdoors and nature (even if he can’t climb rocks, build a campfire or hunt).  So if your father is a business man he probably has cards and who likes those boring card holders when you can stick them in a ponderosa pine knot?  Get him one of these and he’ll surely thank you.


Lastly, I have so many men in my life who are readers.  They love books.  So, I love giving them interesting bookmarks like this one personalized for Fathers. It’s so much fun and modern with the buttons and stitching.

Now “hup-to” on your buying!  You only have a few days if you want it by Sunday. Go, go go!



I have been in love with fabric rosette’s for ages.  And I just recently decided, after spending hours upon hours at Dear Lizzy, that I wanted to make some myself. I made a few just for fun and to see exactly how it’s done and then I put them on different things to see what exactly I wanted to use them for.  Here’s where I started:

This is a headband made out of… yes, you guessed it…. nylons.  Those pesky things you pull up your legs.  Oh! You don’t use them anymore? But you have tons of them just sitting around in your closet?  Well, pull ’em out and make a headband.  I did a long time ago and I love it.  But I wanted to see if I added something fun to them, if I would wear them in a more fashionable setting.  I think yes.

Rosette Headband

I have also used these in my scrapbooking adventures, like so:

Use Rosette’s for Scrapbook Pages

But you can use fabric rosette’s in almost anything.  On a bookmark, hot glued to a vase, sewn on the collar of a t-shirt as Dear Lizzy has done (seriously, just look at her picture!) or so many other options.  I am going to start playing around with them all over my house.  I’m sure Movie Star will love it…..

Now, what you’ve been waiting for…. the tutorial! I have two for you.  This one from Mamamonster is easier and this one from Lillyella is still easy but takes more time.

What do you use your fabric rosette’s for?



My New Years resolution this year was to be more proactive.  So I have been trying to plan for things, such as Father’s Day, in advance so that I don’t end up at Target the night before rummaging through the sports section.  One idea I had for my hubby this year was skin care.  Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of manly gifts, but I am a big believer that men, especially dads, don’t get pampered nearly enough.  I decided to head over to Etsy to find some quirky, fun bath and body products geared towards the male c0nsumer.  Here are some of the goodies I found.


Beer has amazing moisturizing properties and adds an extra dose of testosterone to this manly soap.   Suitable for hair and body, this is the perfect gift for the guy who doesn’t want a bunch of fussy bath products.


For the guy who loves classics, this shaving kit comes with a hardwood shaving bowl with lid, hardwood shaving natural bristle brush and  1 shaving soap bar.  There are seven scents to choose from: ARMANI, BAY RUM, COCOA BUTTER, CORONA BEER with LIME, CRACKLIN BIRCH COORS LIGHT BEER SOAP, DRAGON’S BLOOD, LEMON PEEL.  All have natural clays for a super close shave.


This cologne sampler just screams brut to me.  Let your guy discover which one of these scents best fits his personality.  Or he can use all four as they suit his mood.


This grime busting soap is guaranteed to clean up even the dirtiest guys.  The Listing shows photos of a man scrubbing his hands spic and span after a greasy oil change.  Good for the guy who likes to work with his hands a lot.


The “Men at Work” Bath Salts will give guys a good soak a long day of work.  It is made with Authentic 100% Dead Sea Salts, organic Sandalwood, Patchouli and Sweet Orange essential oils.  Sandalwood is an antiseptic and helps with stress and insomnia.  Patchouli is great for loosening muscles and has anti-fungal properties.  Sweet Orange is an anti-inflammatory and great for stress and tension.

Seeing you through your teenage years may have left dear old Dad with with a little less hair than he started with.  If his mane has begun to wane, this thickening shampoo will bring Dad’s coif back to it youthful state.

I am partial to this colorful soap because of its name and its hue.  It is called “Mariner”, which reminds me of my hubby’s hometown of Seattle.  And the patriotic swirls make me anxious for the Fourth of July that just happens to be around the corner afterFather’s Day.  But equally alluring are the frangrances that each color represents: Sandalwood, Bay Rum and Spice.

Whether you are shopping for a white collar or blue collar guy, chances are he wouldn’t mind smelling, or feeling, like a lumberjack.  (I think it is ingrained in them at birth to fantasize about breaking and chopping things.)  The soothing and moisturizing properties are pretty appealing too.

My daddy is a fisherman, so this balm grabbed my attention right away.  It is scented with aniseseed that is purportedly supposed to attract fish and mask natural human scents.  It is also a great moisturizer for hands and lips.  Some anglers even rub a little on their fish hooks.



Oh the day we remember our fathers.  What a day.  Hopefully you have good memories of your ol’ dad and this day means something special to you.  I know it does for me.  As I have been contemplating this day and what I would get my Dad and Step-Dad, I couldn’t help but run to the crafting table. I just love making things for people and I had already done that for Mother’s Day.  I made some designer dishgloves for my mother-in-law and a bookmark for my very own sweet mommy.  But I couldn’t very well give me Dad’s designer dishgloves and I wasn’t sure about the bookmark…. maybe.  It’s in the running.  But I wanted to see what else was out there that might suit their fancy.  Something different.  So, I went on a search for fathers day gifts!  And though I did find mostly gifts that your kids can make, I did come across a few that are much more adult or one’s that can easily -and sentimentally- cross over between child and adult (I’ll explain later).  Here’s what I found!

The Mug

This is one that is so simple it would take you only minutes.  And is one of those transcending gifts.  You may have made something like this in Kindergarten and Dad has always cherished it with your little thumb and his big one.  But what if you made it now as an adult just to show him you still want to hold his hand and call him Daddy -even all grown up? I think my coffee lovin’ father would adore this. Just follow these instructions from Kaboose.

The Desk Set

If your Dad has a home office, or an office at all, this would make an excellent gift.  What business man doesn’t need an organized desk?  And wouldn’t it be best if all the organization tools matched?  Yes it would.  So, why not make one for him? You should!  Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens, you now know how.  Just follow these handy-dandy instructions.

The Memories

For kids this is a great way to put together something that dad can add to as time goes by.  But if you are an adult and have all sorts of little trinkets, letters and artwork that you know your dad has always wanted to cherish, then this is a great -and super crafty- way of putting it together.  He will be able to not just look back at photos of you guys but will have small, seemingly insignificant memories to draw from as he ages.  Check out this simple version from Perpetual Renovator or head on over to visit one of my favorite ladies Elizabeth Kartchner and check out her own little Daddy and Daughter book. If you are super creative take her Christmas book as a template and turn it into a Father/Child book, or make this simple fabric and felt album for small and simple Daddy memories.  With that one you could pin memories to the book instead of ribbons -make it your own!!!

The Keychain

What man doesn’t have keys?  I don’t know one.  So why not give him a neat handmade key chain?  Seriously, this can be as intricate or simple as you want it.  This would be an awesome idea for a new father or grandfather.  Head on over to your local craft store (Michael’s, Joann’s etc.) and go to the jewelry aisle.  There you will find items for key chains and charms for placing photos inside.  Then print out a super small pic of your child or the grandchild and put it inside.  This is a much more durable and classy way of keeping that picture with them always. Or if you dont want to gather all those materials and put it together yourself, just head on over to our favorite online shop Etsy.com and here’s what you’ll find!

Have you made something -or are planning on making something- for your father as a gift to celebrate his fatherhood?  Tell me about it by commenting below!


  • Whitney - June 14, 2014 - 9:28 pm

    It was 8 PM the night before Father’s Day and I found this website. Thank heavens! My 1 year old son and I made the fingerprint mug and it turned out fantastic. His Daddy loves it and I can’t wait to take them to the 2 grandpas. I am always happy to find a craft the any person can make and is not just for the Martha Stewarts of the world. Thank youReplyCancel

The gall-darn best barbecued corn on Memorial Day 2011. Thanks Movie Star!

“It tastes like we’re at The Fair!” was the first thing I said when I bit into this corn.  Now being a southern Cali girl I didn’t mean the Orange County or LA Fair (they aren’t real fairs). I meant good ol’ hometown middle America Fair.  I do not know what Movie Star did to this barbecued corn, but it tasted like barbeque sauce, charcoal and all around sweet corn goodness wrapped in one. I was impressed.  Obviously, because I would never normally blurt out that statement while biting into barbeque and watching Sunday’s Nascar race on DVR. It was a sad moment for my prissy OC-ness to realize I’m more hillbilly than I thought…..


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