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Handmade Wednesday’s: Fabric Bookmark

I have been working on a few crafts of my own lately and I wanted to share one with a some meaning to it. I made another fabric bookmark for my mom who has just become a grandmother. She loved it so much and I felt it was something that other women may enjoy as well. Due to that, I am now selling some of my crafts on Etsy! You can check me out at the link. Right now, we have only this fabric bookmark for grandmothers, but be sure to check back, because we will definitely have more to come in the future as well.




Wedding of the Week: Rustic Fall Nuptials

This wedding is a sweet blend of country and and elegance. It is simple and genuine while still being elegant and tasteful. I usually like veils but this bride pulls of going bare with style with no hair wear necessary at all. I also love the mixture of colors, as the couple did not only use fall colors. There are beautiful hues of pink, blue and purple incorporate with the classic autumn leave colors. And the decor is old-fashioned and perfect for this affair. The couple did a marvelous job and if their big day was 1/10 as great as it looks, it must have been magical :)

photos @ Style Me Pretty


Bridal Gown: Jim Hjelm ~ Flowers: Connie Timmons ~ Venue: Allandale Mansion ~ Wedding Cake: Unique Cake and Catering ~ Photography: Picsee Studio



Elanie - June 7, 2011 - 1:28 pm

oh yea…now that’s an amazing wedding dress…i just love it!

Fabulous Etsy Finds: Formal Attire

Every bride dreams of a June wedding.  Which means come Spring time you are bound to have a few wedding invitations in the mail each year.  Because many of the weddings we attend usually include at least a few of the same guests at each one, I like to wear a new dress most of the time.  Now you may think that dress shopping that often would be fun, but often I find myself frustrated and dress-less about a week before the big day.  So this year instead of choosing between a low cut BCBG or an overpriced boutique pick, I decide to check out Etsy for some more unique and modest choices.


This dress feels so flirty and fun.  Can you really ever go wrong with polka dots and ruffles?  Not in my book.


Now you may be asking yourself why I am such a prude when it comes to wedding wear.  Well, my reasons are two-fold.  1) Ever since I became a mom, feel feel a little self-conscious about putting myself on display.  2.) At a wedding I think that it is appropriate to play the sexiness down a little so that it doesn’t look like you’re trying to upstage the bride.  Consequently, I find myself looking to throwback pieces because they often have a more conservative cut.  I love this one because it covers well in the front and plunges in the back.


Here is a vintage flapper style, that is also a little business in the front party in the back.  I like it for its slinkiness and sheen.


This bolero is a great way to accessorize a simple a line dress.


It is amazing how hard it is to find a simple elegant shrug like this one.  It adds a touch of sophistication without distracting from the outfit.  You can also get it in black.


For the guy(s) who will be accompanying you, here is a Damask print tie with matching pocket square that is sure to set him apart from the crowd.  It is also available in boys’ size for $19.99.


This is just the sweetest dress for a little girl.  You can customize the ribbon color too.


Ever been to a wedding where there is a little baby that is uncomfortably squirming and crying because he is decked out in formal wear.  Well, here is your solution.  He still looks dapper, while staying comfy in his onesie.




And the Winner is…..

The winner of our Fandango gift card giveaway is Sarah L! She won with the comment

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Congratulations to Sarah on winning and thank you to everyone for entering. Please come back for more articles and contests!


Sarah L - May 17, 2011 - 6:45 pm

Thanks so much!

Wedding Trends: Place Settings

One element of beauty that every guest of the wedding gets to see is their place setting. So, it’s important that the design of each place setting is gorgeous. It will be one the definitive displays of the wedding theme in the reception, as it is the only usable form of decoration in the wedding reception. As important as it is to have some of the stylish beauty of your theme in your place setting, you should also have your personality thrown in the mix as well. As with all other parts of the wedding, there are trends for dinnerware, and also like all other parts of the wedding, the trend it toward more old-fashioned and simple elegance. I personally love seeing this trend in dining ware, because with many elements involved in a place setting, the culmination of ornate or simple dinnerware creating a sweet, vintage ambiance is possible in many varying ways.

One great thing about this trend is that it’s possible with many motifs, all color and each season. Intricate and classic designs work in many wedding motifs, unlike modern motifs. Straight edge, and plainness can’t work in every wedding, which may be one reason that vintage is making a comeback.

Another cool fad that comes along with vintage dining ware is that family dinnerware can be used or be a source for inspiration for designing the place setting. It’s a sweet and simple return to old-fashionedness can will always be appreciated by family and friends. It will also add a homey, down-to-earth touch that can’t really be done another way in place settings.

For those who want some simply beauty, but with whimsy rather than old-fashionedness, colorful and playful details are the way to go. Using fruit, candy, feathers, or other out-of-the-ordinary, fun elements can do just this. And, if you have a specific theme, such as an old black and white movie, a county fair or something else, try to fit the theme to the tee to make it as authentic as possible. That greatly includes the dining experience.

No matter the theme of your wedding and how elegant and beautiful your design, make sure it includes your personality and greatly illustrates your motif.


photos @ Style Me Pretty



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