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Eating Healthy with Jif {Plus Giveaway}

We are fans of healthy eating here. While we do enjoy desserts for holidays and special occasions (as you can seeView full post »

toshiba laptop

Toshiba Laptop Giveaway!

Dear Readers, what better way is there to kick off the season of autumn than by launching a giveaway, let alone aView full post »

Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

Wedding Trends: The Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

photo @ Rock N Roll Bride It’s has been quiet some time since we talked about wedding dresses. The last time weView full post »

bride and groom wedding reception entrance collage

Wedding Photo Musts: The Wedding Reception Entrance

The wedding reception entrance is an important moment of the wedding and the start of the marriage of the bride andView full post »

Bride and Groom Photo Ideas

The main reason that I (and most other women) love weddings is the romance. The beauty that comes with flowers, weddingView full post »

Awkward Photos for Mother’s Day

It has been far too long since I posted a collection of awkward photos. We have loving posts for Mother’s Day, butView full post »

natural pcos cure

How I Treat PCOS Naturally with Juicing

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) a few years ago. I have been struggling with it and all of theView full post »

Bride and Groom Getting Ready

Wedding Photo Musts: The Bride and Groom Getting Ready

The wedding day is filled with excitement from the start to the finish. After all, this is the only day in theirView full post » wedding invitations

Announce Your Wedding Beautifully with

Have you heard about the new and improved website, It is truly a unique website that can help youView full post »

first dance newlyweds wedding

Wedding Photo Musts: The First Dance

The first dance of the bride and groom is obviously a big deal. The song they dance to will be their special songView full post »

Brand Name Candy Bar Recipes

Brand Name Candy Bar Recipes

I admit that as an adult, the sweets that I love and crave have not changed, but I have steadily become more adeptView full post »

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Photo ideas

Wedding Photo Musts: The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

As you can see from our previous posts on wedding photos, they are quite important for the bride and groom as well asView full post » $200 Gift Card Giveaway!

It is that wonderful time again, dear readers, when we try to make your week a little brighter by rewarding you with aView full post »

DIY Storage Ideas

DIY Storage Ideas

Many people make New Year resolutions. Most people resolve to lose weight or to improve themselves in some way. I, onView full post »

Wedding Photo Musts: The Bridesmaids

So many elements of weddings focus on the bride and groom – and rightfully so – but this may put you atView full post »

wedding ceremony recessional

Wedding Photo Musts: Wedding Ceremony Recessional

Since we discussed the bride and groom’s first kiss as husband and wife in the last post, it is only fitting toView full post »

Creative Christmas Food Art

Creative Christmas Food Art

Christmas is a full of family, happiness and lots of decorations. It is a time when everything dons some sort ofView full post »

bride and groom first kiss as husband and wife

Wedding Photo Musts – Bride and Groom First Kiss as Husband and Wife

You probably do not need a blog post to tell you that it is a photo must to capture the moment when the bride and groomView full post »