Paper Towel Organization Tips to Get You on Track for the New Year

The New Year brings many changes. You must clean out the holiday sweets from your fridge and pantry to make way for your diet, clean up the decorations from Christmas and readjust to normal life. Each year, though, it seems that more stuff accumulates as storage space diminishes. To help you make the most of your storage, you can try to incorporate these organizational tips using paper towels. These tips are designed to help you get your belongings clean and organized efficiently.Viva offers two types of paper towels that work like a cloth, so you can use them for the heaviest cleaning and organizational jobs.

1. Cushion Pots and Pans


If you are like me, then the pots and pans storage in your home is always in disarray. The sprint pace of baking and cooking during the holidays only added to the mess.


It is important to take time and arrange your cooking and baking supplies to make sure they last. You can help prevent chips and scratches and help keep each piece clean by separating them with a paper towel.


The thickness and strength of Viva® a ideal for providing cushioning between heavy pots and absorbing leftover residue. Viva® Towels is soft and textured like cloth, which makes it perfect as a cushion between hard surfaces.

2. Make Produce Last Longer


If you are kicking off your healthy eating, make your produce to last longer by wrapping it in paper towel. Some of my produce begins to wilt within two days of buying it. The water sprayed on produce at the store  gets caught in a plastic produce bag making produce lose its longevity.


By wrapping produce in absorbent and durable Viva® Towels, the moisture will be soaked up, while allowing the the veggies to breathe.


My watercress is always the first thing to wilt, but with paper towels and an opening in a storage container, it can last up to a week longer than it would in a plastic bag.

3. Clean out Holiday Spills in the Refrigerator


Before you pack your healthy groceries into the fridge, you will probably need to clean out any spills or messes left behind from holiday foods.


You can Viva® Towels are strong and durable like cloth, so they can withstand several rinses. So, you can use one or two paper towels over and over to clean out your drawers and shelves.

4. Keep Shoes Fresh and Clean During the Months that They are Packed Away


When you are packing away your winter boots and shoes, place some paper towels in them to absorb and residual moisture to prevent that mildew smell when you pull them out next year.


The paper towels will also absorb any other smells that may have been caused by wearing them. I know that are not stinky, but you may want to consider it, you know, for your husband’s shoes.

5. Keep Your Suitcases Clean When Packing Winter Clothes Away


I am all about economizing, which means that I pack my winter clothes and shoes away in what is available in the house. Oftentimes, I use a suitcase. No boxes to find, buy or needlessly throw away once I am done with them. Before I put shoes that have touched the dirty ground into my suitcase, I line it with paper towels. This makes it easy to clean up any dirt that off. Like the shoes tip above, absorbent. The strength of Viva® Towels give it the ability to suck up moisture and smells during the next nine months while they are packed away.


You can try these and many more organizational ideas to get you geared up for the New Year with Viva® Towels

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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