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More Unique Touches to Easily Add to Your Wedding

I love that people are enjoying my touches for weddings and finding useful ideas for their own weddings, so I must share more. In case you missed it, here are the first and second editions (but this and this might help as well). I have been asked for more and now I have delivered. I have gathered some very cool ideas that are rather unique that I think you will enjoy.
For a simple, cheap and above all beautifully unique centerpiece, try this. Flowers and candles are often used in centerpieces, but including a wine glass adds a unique touch of elegance that isn’t often seen. This simple touch makes it perfect for a wedding while saving a pretty penny on bouquets of flowers and still having an interesting and complete centerpiece. It can be used in several types of weddings and can be personalized to tailor fit the couple. For instance, mason jar goblets can be used for rustic weddings and champagne flutes for more classic weddings. Ribbons and bows can make for lovely additions as well.

via classy-wedding-ideas.com

If you’d like to turn that wine glass up the right way, then make it a beautiful pool by floating candles and flowers in it. Just make sure that it can be placed clearly in the center of the table though, or some guests might mistake it for their drinking glass ๐Ÿ˜‰

via pinterest.com/katie_schopp

There are plenty of clever ideas for wedding photographs, but a very cute one is to ‘steal a kiss’. It’s a way for the bride and groom to kiss before the wedding without breaking tradition. Most wedding photos prior to the wedding (which adhere to tradition) consist of the bride and groom getting ready along with their wedding parties and family. So, as you can see, this is how they can pose together without breaking tradition, and in a sweet way no less.

via stylemepretty.com

For a rustic take on the chandelier, try this. Hang mason jars from a wagon wheel using wires. Sparse them about between the spokes at uneven lengths for a true pastoral look. Once the jars are hung, you can cover the wires using things such as branches, hay or flowers. For the true vintage look, use candles inside the mason jars for light. If you’d like a more up to date look though, hang the jars upside down as covers for lightbulbs.

via shelterness.com

I love this idea and would love to use it for more than just weddings. With some careful precision in cutting and craftiness, you can make a decanter chandelier (similarly to a mason jar chandelier). It’s very stylish, sophisticated, vintage and completely unique. This is for the true DIYer as long as you are okay with only being able to use these decanters as chandelier ornaments from then on.

via styleunveiled.com

Many weddings incorporate slide shows of the bride and groom usually entailing how they met and their life so far together. There are many ways to display these shows of photos, such as a projector slide show, stinging photos on clotheslines or by making a viewfinder. A viewfinder is great idea, because rather than having once show of photos that all guests see at once, such as a slideshow, guests can wander up to a table and look at the viewfinder and look at them for as long as they’d like. It’s also a cool throwback of the toy we all loved as kids and a fun way for guests to look at your photos. And you can convert your photos to this format with Image 3D.

via themomsbuzz.com

A creative way to incorporate your wedding colors more and ensure that your centerpieces stay in place is to use jello. It may like an odd thing to add to centerpiece, but it is the cheapest way to keep the elements of your centerpiece in place. An added bonus is the fact that jello comes in all different colors and you can also tweak them with a few drops of food coloring. So, if you’d like to use a few flowers (to cut down on expenses) rather than a bouquet, but would still like to have a noteworthy centerpiece, this is definitely an option.

via stylemepretty.com

There are many things to throw at the send off of the newlyweds such as flowers, rice, confetti and more. But for something that will leaves an impression after the send off, try something that offers more than just looks such as lavender. Lavender is appealing to the eyes and nose and can be a great fit for spring weddings. Other seasons can have their own elements as well, such as pine needles (soft needles of course) for winter. Just try to use something that adds smell to leave the air and guests’ hands smelling sweet for a unique touch. And for a very vintage detail, use aged paper to hold what will be tossed.

via casatreschic.blogspot.com

This is very simple and cute touch. If you’re not sure how you want to set up the place setting for your guests, try a little creativity and turn the napkins into roses. Let the rest of your place setting unfold after that for a truly creative set up. It may work best for a whimsical wedding, but it can be used for most types of weddings.
A cool option for those sending out save the date cards and wedding invitations is to customize stamps. On US Custom Postage, couples can choose among thousands of designs and monogram options for their stamps. If you can’t find one that you love though, you can upload your image and a small message to be used for your stamps. You can now customize every option pertaining to your wedding invitation down to the stamp.

via etsy.com/shop/camispaperie

You may remember the I Spy gameย from our last post. This one is meant for both kids and adults, though. After all, what’s cuter than a kid giving out marriage advice? It’s a fun momento to look back on your wedding for years to come and a great way to get more involved with your guests. You just need Photoshop or your can buy some cheaply if you wish.
Making your wedding unique can be difficult. Hopefully these ideas gave you some help. Be sure to come back for more tips in the future as well.
  • US Custom Postage - March 13, 2012 - 9:13 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring our custom wedding stamps! I love your creative ideas for adding a unique touch to wedding decor, like the upside down wine glasses and the jello floral centerpieces ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Nana - April 7, 2012 - 9:49 am

    Hi there,

    I love the slideshow idea with the viewfinder. How do you get those made? I’m very interested.

    Great ideas, you have here ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

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