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New Ways To Do Your Something Blue

Celebrating tradition is one of the funnest things in life, because it’s something to tie the past, present and future together. Weddings are steeped in tradition and most likely the most prominent tradition is “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And, a silver sixpence in her shoe”. The first three components of this poem are very personal and can vary greatly between brides, but the “something blue” is an element that most brides do the same. Usually, it is a blue garder or possibly a few blue flowers in the bouquet. Weddings nowadays are about being creative though, so before you buy a gardner, try a few of these new ways to do your something blue.

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Blue jewelry may not be the most novel form of blue for a bride, but if done well, all that matters is that the bride is stunning. Most brides think that if their wedding colors don’t incorporate blue, then blue jewelry won’t work, but that’s not true. Even if you have dark fall colors, or simply all white, a beautiful blue pendant on the bride’s necklace is a lovely touch of the age old tradition. It will stick out a little more if it not a a theme color as well, which is what is intended. If your something blue blended in with everything, then it wouldn’t be your special something blue. Just remember to keep it tasteful and the sky is the limit.

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This may depend a bit more on your wedding colors, but if you can use it, this is a lovely way to do your something blue. It’s a very unique way to do your something blue and will definitely stand out for your everyone to see. It will also make for memorable wedding photos and of course, will make the bride look just that teensy bit more beautiful.

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If you don’t want to add a few blue flowers to your bouquet, then maybe you can add some blue decorations to it. An old tradition is wrap the bridal bouquet in a handkerchief, which you can continue with a blue handkerchief. Or, you can dress up your bouquet with blue things that you love such as brooches, ribbons, beads, jewelry or fabric. If you use any ribbon in your hair, it also looks stunning if you incorporate the ribbon into your bouquet. And it will look extra special if it’s blue!

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A sash is an exquisite burst of color to a wedding dress. If your wedding theme allows it, a blue sash is an obvious use of your something blue and makes your white dress a little different. This form of your something blue does have to fit with your theme colors though, because it is a very defining element of a wedding dress. Whether big or small though, it’s always gorgeous.

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Your something blue doesn’t necessarily have to be seen by everyone. You just want it to be a lasting memory. Stitching something into your wedding dress with blue thread is sure to be a memory that lasts forever. Just make the stitching something a momento that you want to keep forever such as your wedding date, you and your husband’s initials, or something personal. This one is very original and make you smile every time you look at your wedding dress for years to come.

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Nail polish is a low key and easy way to add your touch of blue to your ensemble. It’s small enough that it’s only a detail, but it will stand out throughout the day as you do things with your hands, such as cutting the cake, holding the bouquet and exchanging rings. Also like the jewelry, if blue nail polish doesn’t fit with your wedding theme, it’s a good thing. That means it’s a small detail that will stand out, which is what is wanted for the something blue.

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One of the most important elements of a bride’s attire is her shoes. They seem to insignificant to men, but women know just how well they can pull an outfit together. And on your wedding day, the shoes really matter, which is why they can make for the perfect something blue. Blue shoes against a bright pristinely white dress can really make it pop. And depending on the length of your dress, the shoes can be for everyone to see or for a few cute photos.

If you want to keep your something blue minimal, add some detail to your shoes. That means you can add something to any part of your shoes, even the bottom. Many brides are getting details on the soles of their wedding shoes. This can be done by painting them, adding decals or using a sharpie. A sweet and unique idea is to have bridesmaid sign the bottom of the bride’s shoes with a blue sharpie. As with the stitching, the something blue doesn’t necessarily have to be visible, it just has to be memorable for you.

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It’s also possible to turn a tradition into your something blue. You can walk down the aisle wearing the traditional veil, but change it up a bit by making it blue. It honors tradition, but with a lovely twist. It’s also a way to wear your something blue only for the ceremony if you are concerned about mixing colors.

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A very uncommon way to incorporate blue into bridal attire is with a jacket or shawl. This is particularly great for autumn and winter weddings. This component is wonderful for a something blue, because it is removable. As an additional accessory to the dress, it’s not necessary to complete the bride’s look. It can be added or removed and the bride will still look stunning, so you won’t be bogged down with your something blue during the reception if you don’t want to be. Like the veil, it’s uncommon and be used as the bride wants for photos.

These traditions may seem superstitious and make no sense, but they did in their day. Until the late 1800’s, blue was the most popular color for wedding dresses, because the color symbolized fidelity, modesty and of course, love. It’s from the meaning of the color blue in regards to weddings that the adage “marry in blue, lover be true” also comes from. Brides had been dressing in this color for centuries until the representation of white for purity became the new thing when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown. The wedding rhyme is meant to bring good luck to newlyweds, which can never be a bad thing. So, make a wish, say a prayer and enjoy your wedding!


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