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Simple Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

The Christmas season is upon us and if you have not begun to decorate yet, you probably will be soon. My most favorite decoration of all is the Christmas tree. With the beautiful ornaments, shiny tinsel, twinkling colorful lights, golden garland and the angel on top, it is difficult to best. The best part of this best decoration is the act of decorating it. Trees are brighter with ornaments that have been collected, handed down and made over the years. If you don’t have any of these yet, don’t fret, because here are some simple, beautiful and unique christmas tree ornament ideas that you can save for years to come.

{We also have beautiful DIY ideas for the Christmas table centerpiece and for Christmas decor as well!}

courtesy of jessicajanehandmade.blogspot.com

Make this beautiful dove easily with some clay and anything else you like. Glitter, paint, stamps, engraving, the sky is the limit. It is easy to do with very little know-how needed and looks like something from the store.

courtesy of happytogethercreates.com

Stitch together a homemade snowflake with some clothespins, hot glue, newspaper, string and a doily. If you want to add a message on it, you only need some fabric, thread and a sharpie. It’s as lovely and simple as homemade gets and kids are sure to be proud when it’s completed.

This one may be a bit of a cheat, because it involves buying an ornament and dressing it up. Buy any ornament type of your choosing and a Christmas stencil as well. Then, take a silver sharpie and trace the design onto the ornament. This will make for a lovely glow when the Christmas lights hit it and dress up a plain ornament cheaply. You can add a ribbon for some extra flare. Several various colors will give it that holly glow that Christmas is all about.

courtesy of centsationalgirl.com

This is probably the simplest ornament on the list. Just buy a pack of cheap cookies cutters and use craft glue and glitter. Top it all off with a beautiful ribbon and you’ve got a bright ornament to top off your tree.

courtesy of recoveringcrafthoarder.blogspot.com

You can decorate more than the tree with these CD ornaments. Literally all this ornament entails is cutting out construction paper and gluing it CD’s. So, just get some old CD’s or blank ones, pick out your favorite construction paper designs and voila! You’ve got a Christmas ornament. You can add some more decorations if you please and either punch a hole for the ribbon or hot glue it on.

courtesy of purlbee.com

Follow this tutorial to make a beautiful dove out of felt and fabric. My family has a few of these that we’ve had all of my life and I love hanging them up each year. I know they were handmade years ago, and it makes me love them even more. Just choose some great fabric and make a lovely bird.

courtesy of oopseydaisyblog.com

Make the tree sparkle with sequins with this ornament. Just wrap a few strings of sequins around a styrofoam ball. Secure it in place gently with some hot glue and wrap a little bit of ribbon in there as well for a hanger. It looks so great that it will look like something from the store.

courtesy of mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com

For the spelling nerds and the very uncrafty (like myself), this ornament is for you. Just hot glue some scrabble letters to spell out Christmas phrases for this easy ornament. And for those who don’t like scrabble (also like myself), you’ll finally have a use for the game.

courtesy of vickydar.blogspot.com

Ok, this might beat the cookie cutter ornament for simplest ornament on the list. All you do is add some ribbon to a pinecone and you’ve got a lovely, natural ornament. You can either wrap a wire around the top portion of the pinecone and then tie a ribbon onto it, or just hot glue a ribbon onto it. Either way, you will have some nature in your decorations.

courtesy of 7layerstudio.typepad.com

This ornament requires a bit more work, but is still simple enough to do in a few hours. It’s also one of prettiest ones as well. Just follow this tutorial and you will have a timelessly gorgeous ornament.

courtesy of bhg.com

For a simple, pretty, classical touch, cut some sheet music into strands and delicately wrap them into a clear round ornament. It’s best to use Christmas carol sheet music. You can download some here to save yourself a trip to the store.

courtesy of saltwater-kids.com

For some more natural ornamentation, bake these bird seed ornaments. With some gelatin, bird seed and a few more ingredients, you can make some great ornaments for your tree outside or inside. Just follow this recipe for a bird pleaser.

courtesy of davebrethauer.typepad.com

For those who want a vintage ornament, it doesn’t get much better than a wooden spool. Follow this tutorial for some inspiration on decoration and more. I love the Merry Christmas stamps, but the design is up to you.

courtesy of foodmayhem.com

This one is easy for the food artist or just the crafty person in general. Simply mix together egg whites, flour and dye to make these ornaments. This tutorial will help you along in creating the endless designs and it will be something your kids will look back on and love to hang up each year.

courtesy of craftberrybush.blogspot.com

I’ve saved the best for last. It’s the most lovely ornament that you will swear was bought. Strings of pearls glued to an ornament is simple to do and gorgeous to look at.

For ornaments that you won’t be able to find anywhere and love for each year to come, try some of these ideas. If you do make any of them, be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments below!



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