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Wedding Photo Musts: The Grandparents

grandfathers kissing bride

It is standard procedure at a wedding to get a photo of the bride and groom with their respective parents. It shows where each have come from and the bonding of two families. The proud parents of the bride and the groom garner plenty of attention on the wedding day. What about the grandparents, though? They do not get as much attention as the parents of the bride and groom, but they most definitely deserve as much respect. In terms of photography, that means that the bride and groom should have their own special wedding photos with grandparents.

If it is possible, get a photo of three generations in one shot. The more generations in a single wedding photo, the better! You can also get a closeup of the group’s rings, although this may be more pertinent for the women than for the men. The obvious is also a splendid idea – take a photo of the bride, mother of the bride and grandmother together to allow the family resemblance shines through the generations. The same goes for the men of the family.

grandparents see bride and groom

If the grandparents of either side of the family have already passed away, it is still possible to have them present at the wedding through the use of photos. It is quite sweet if you can include the grandparents’ wedding photos to accompany this new wedding day.

grandparents wedding collage

Be sure to mix up the group photos as well . Do not only get the bride with her grandmothers, get her with her grandfathers as well. The same is true for the groom.

bride and groom with grandparents

Wedding photos with grandparents demonstrate the tradition that accompanies wedding. They show the bond between each successive generation on the day a new family begins. Those moments are too precious not to capture on film. The bride and groom {and their children} will surely love those photos for years to come.

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Photos @ Style Me Pretty ~ The Wedding Chicks ~ Green Wedding Shoes ~ Bridal Guide ~ Ruffled ~ Pinterest



SOLO Cups Makes it Easy to Have Fun

This post brought to you by SOLO® Brand Products. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Inspiring Pretty.

If you have ever hosted a party or get together for the family, then you are aware of massive planning that goes into these shindigs. My family is large, so just when my immediate family gets together, it is an event. I went over to my sister’s home this past weekend to spend much-needed time with my family. To mitigate the work entailed in eight family members gathering, I brought a few packages of SOLO Ultra Cups, ‘It’s My Solo’ Cups and SOLO Squared Plastic Plates. With all the food and drinks that were consumed between snacking, meals and desserts, we were grateful that the SOLO products cut down on the amount of dishes we needed. The SOLO saying that they help you be #UpForAnything proved to be true for us.

The kids tend to grab cups whenever they want a drink, regardless of which cup is actually theirs. So, they end up using four or five cups each every night, just because they cannot remember which cup is their. ‘It’s My Solo’ Cups became a quick favorite for them. They just peeled off the cup label, scratched their names, designs and more on their cups with their fingernails. That simple element made them want to hang onto their cup for the rest of the night. They easily found their cups and therefore only used one each that night. It was amazing! And, in the end, we only had to clean the dishes with which we cooked and baked.

They were using their cups that night as well, because we created our own drink recipes. The boys love juice, which their mom encourages, but they also love soda pop, which their mom does not encourage. We decided to try a healthy drink recipe where the boys could get juice and carbonation. If you are looking for something that provides the zing of carbonation with less drawbacks health-wise, try this recipe:


  • 2 parts club soda or tonic water (choose which one you prefer)
  • 1 part flavorful, uncarbonated drink, such as fruit juice or sweetened iced tea
  • Any garnish you desire


  • Mix 2 parts club soda/tonic water with your uncarbonated beverage. For example, I mixed 6 oz of tonic water with 3 oz of sweetened raspberry iced tea.
  • If you wish to add more flavor, add a garnish to your drink. For instance, I added a squirt of lemon to my iced tea. My nephews added a dash of cinnamon to their apple juice.

It is not difficult at all to get the carbonation you love without ingesting tons of calories, aspartame and a bunch of dyes and additives. SOLO made it easy for us to try out new recipes and not have to be in the kitchen cleaning while during our family party. Remember, not every cup is a SOLO cup. Only SOLO is squared. SOLO also have clear cups, cups in various colors and our favorite: ‘It’s My SOLO’ cups.

You can learn more about SOLO on SOLO’s Facebook pageSOLO’s Pinterest page and on Youtube, you watch SOLO® Up for Anything videos.

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Enter to Win a $50 Pick Your Plum Gift Card Giveaway!

pick your plum

We love our readers at Inspiring Pretty and that means that we like to give you cool stuff every once in a while. We have recently become involved with a neat company called Pick Your Plum. If you have not yet noticed the little icon on the righthand side our website yet, now you know what it is. You can click that badge or this link to check out the cool stuff they have to offer. Pick Your Plum has tons of interesting, high quality stuff at rock bottom low prices.

They offer products in two ways. The first is the post of new deals. New deals on clothing, decor, accessories, craft material and more. Each new deal appears at 7 AM MST {they operate out of Utah} and lasts until the time expires or until the product is sold out.

The second way is through the ‘Plum Orchard’, where you can buy products as you would in any other online store. As with the limited time deal section though, when they run out of stock, the product is no longer offered.

Regardless of how you choose to buy your product, you can see how much of your products Pick Your Plum has left in stock with their plum gauge. The five-plum barometer lets you know how much product is left, so you know if you are about to miss out on your deal or not!

I have personally found a lot that I would loooooove to buy {and just might}! I love these pillow boxes for Christmas, this crazy cheap infinity scarf, this metal easel for my cookbooks,  these spout lids for my flour and sugar, these cheap and beautiful ombre leg warmers, a cool striped tote,  these cool letter dishes and much more.

I am sharing these cool products with you partly because I think they are really cool and partly because we are hosting a $50 Pick Your Plum gift card giveaway to be won by one lucky reader! We will help you get started on your Christmas decor and Christmas shopping courtesy of Pick Your Plum.

To enter, just fill out the form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest will end on at 11:59 PM PST, December 7th 2014.

The contest is open to US and Canadian residents.

Contestant must be at least 18 years old.



Barbara Nichols - November 26, 2014 - 6:53 am

love your pretty things

Debbie Fedorak - November 25, 2014 - 4:37 am

This would be a great prize to win before Christmas.

angela bradley - November 24, 2014 - 2:59 pm

love some of the projects on your site

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Makobi Scribe is bringing you this Amazon Pinterest blast where one lucky reader will win a $100 Amazon gift card. The giveaway is open to everyone and provided by Makobi Scribe. Good Luck! If you are a blogger, you can sign up for this blast here.



Awkward Thanksgiving Photos

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year. It is a time for friends and family to gather together for food and celebration of the most important days of the year. In the midst of that time together, many photo opportunities arise. Some will be brought out for years to come to bring back treasured memories of past holidays and time with relatives. However, some other photos will also be brought out every year to humiliate their subjects with horrible fashions, awkward adolescent phases and those sweaters your mom once made the whole family wear for the Christmas card photo. In my opinion, these awkward photos are the true gems of the photo album.

They are not meant to be hidden away in a drawer, but to be shared. Revel in the awkwardness and enjoy reminiscing with your friends and family. If your family is anything like mine, you cannot spend Thanksgiving or Christmas together without at least one family member regaling everyone present of the embarrassing moments of your childhood. And, if there are photos to accompany these stories, all the better. So, to get you more in the holiday spirit and prepare you the inevitable photo-taking and photo-sharing moments that come hand in hand with holidays that are spent with the family, I have some of my favorite awkward Thanksgiving photos for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

awkward thanksgiving family dinner photobaby and turkey same size thanksgivingbad thanksgiving photoexhausted family thanksgiving photofamily dressed as american indians thanksgivinggirl laying on ground for Thankgiving photogirl with turkey thanksgivinggrandma passed out thanksgiving photolittle girl happy with thanksgiving turkeythankful for nothing thanksgivingturkey and ham thanksgiving photo

baby dressed up as thanksgiving turkeyturkey carving fake death thanksgivingturkey costume thanksgiving phototuxedo shirt thanksgiving photounhappy girl thanksgivingunhappy pilgrim girl thanksgivingunhappy thanksgiving dinnerunhappy thanksgiving photowaving turkey drumsticks thanksgivingweird thanksgiving photo



For more awkwardness,  check out photos from Christmas, Easter and Halloween this year and last year.

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photos @ Awkward Family Photos 


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