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The New Year brings many changes. You must clean out the holiday sweets from your fridge and pantry to make way for your diet, clean up the decorations from Christmas and readjust to normal life. Each year, though, it seems that more stuff accumulates as storage space diminishes. To help you make the most of your storage, you can try to incorporate these organizational tips using paper towels. These tips are designed to help you get your belongings clean and organized efficiently.Viva offers two types of paper towels that work like a cloth, so you can use them for the heaviest cleaning and organizational jobs.

1. Cushion Pots and Pans


If you are like me, then the pots and pans storage in your home is always in disarray. The sprint pace of baking and cooking during the holidays only added to the mess.


It is important to take time and arrange your cooking and baking supplies to make sure they last. You can help prevent chips and scratches and help keep each piece clean by separating them with a paper towel.


The thickness and strength of Viva® a ideal for providing cushioning between heavy pots and absorbing leftover residue. Viva® Towels is soft and textured like cloth, which makes it perfect as a cushion between hard surfaces.

2. Make Produce Last Longer


If you are kicking off your healthy eating, make your produce to last longer by wrapping it in paper towel. Some of my produce begins to wilt within two days of buying it. The water sprayed on produce at the store  gets caught in a plastic produce bag making produce lose its longevity.


By wrapping produce in absorbent and durable Viva® Towels, the moisture will be soaked up, while allowing the the veggies to breathe.


My watercress is always the first thing to wilt, but with paper towels and an opening in a storage container, it can last up to a week longer than it would in a plastic bag.

3. Clean out Holiday Spills in the Refrigerator


Before you pack your healthy groceries into the fridge, you will probably need to clean out any spills or messes left behind from holiday foods.


You can Viva® Towels are strong and durable like cloth, so they can withstand several rinses. So, you can use one or two paper towels over and over to clean out your drawers and shelves.

4. Keep Shoes Fresh and Clean During the Months that They are Packed Away


When you are packing away your winter boots and shoes, place some paper towels in them to absorb and residual moisture to prevent that mildew smell when you pull them out next year.


The paper towels will also absorb any other smells that may have been caused by wearing them. I know that are not stinky, but you may want to consider it, you know, for your husband’s shoes.

5. Keep Your Suitcases Clean When Packing Winter Clothes Away


I am all about economizing, which means that I pack my winter clothes and shoes away in what is available in the house. Oftentimes, I use a suitcase. No boxes to find, buy or needlessly throw away once I am done with them. Before I put shoes that have touched the dirty ground into my suitcase, I line it with paper towels. This makes it easy to clean up any dirt that off. Like the shoes tip above, absorbent. The strength of Viva® Towels give it the ability to suck up moisture and smells during the next nine months while they are packed away.


You can try these and many more organizational ideas to get you geared up for the New Year with Viva® Towels

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


treating pcos with inositol

You may have read my previous post about my struggle with my syndrome and how I treat PCOS naturally with juicing. Even after the overhaul of my diet (moving to a low-glycemic diet and juicing for one meal per day), I was still noticing problematic symptoms of PCOS. My most noticeable and menacing symptom was my persistent hirsutism. I also experienced difficulty losing weight when I strayed from my diet even the slightest degree.

If you are unacquainted with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), it is the most common endocrine disorders. It affects up to 20% of women of reproductive age. Insulin resistance causes elevated levels of estrogen and androgen (male) hormones. Vice versa, elevated levels of estrogen and androgen hormones cause insulin resistance. This leads to a woman’s body being overloaded with hormones and insulin. In turn, this leads to irregular menstrual periods, the absence of menstrual periods, hirsutism, painful acne and obesity. PCOS causes women to have increased risk of developing hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also causes more than 75% of cases of anovulatory infertility.

I had improved my condition with my diet change, but apparently, it was not enough to fix my problems. So, I did what I done before: research. I read PCOS blogs and forums, where fellow PCOS-sufferers discussed their treatments. One ideas that kept popping up everywhere I looked was the use of Inositol to treat PCOS.

The reasoning behind treating PCOS with Inositol is the same that is behind as using Metformin. The only difference is that Inositol is natural. In fact, Inositol is found naturally in fruits, grains, beans and nuts. Both Metformin and Inositol act as a glucose sensitizer, which causes cells to absorb glucose the first time. This  prevents the release of more glucose, which is the crux of the horrible cycle or high blood sugar levels, insulin resistance and high hormone levels associated with PCOS. In turn, insulin resistance will decrease.

On a side note, if you take Metformin, you may not want to swap it with Inositol yet. A study on mice showed an increase in life expectancy and human trials will begin in 2016. Researchers are expecting it to show the slowing of aging and the increase of life expectancy. Some are even (prematurely) calling it an “anti-aging” drug.

In one Google search, I found a wealth of information regarding treating PCOS with Inositol. In one study, women suffering with PCOS were given a combination of 4000 mg of Myo-Inositol (generally referred to as Inositol) and 400 mg of folic acid. The hypothesis of the study was that women suffering from PCOS had a deficiency in Inositol levels. By taking Inositol with folic acid, patients of the study showed lower levels of insulin, 65% women had ovulation restored vs. 50% of women who took Metformin. Additionally, 18% of women who took Inositol were able to get pregnant vs. 11% in the Meformin group.

Other studies conducted giving patients the same or varying dosages of Inositol showed results such as:

  • an increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) resulting in weight loss
  • decreased insulin, triglycerides, testosterone, and blood pressure levels
  • decreased androgen hormone levels
  • sudden appearance of menstruation and regular menstruation

I also read about the benefits of taking D-Chiro Inositol in conjunction with Myo Inositol. A study was performed regarding metabolic disorders and Myo Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol has a treatment. Women with PCOS can develop metabolic disorders due to metabolic, hormonal and ovarian dysfunctions. Women who took a 40:1 ratio (consistent with the levels found naturally in plasma) of Myo Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol versus Myo Inositol alone saw a greater improvement in metabolic functions. The study led the author to state:

The combined administration of MI and DCI in physiological plasma ration (40:1) should be considered as the first line approach in PCOS overweight patients, being able to reduce the metabolic and clinical alteration of PCOS and, therefore, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.

It is interesting that Myo Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol are a part of the Vitamin B family. There are also nine different types (or stereoisomers) of Inositol. With the combination of Myo Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol, your body is able to produce all types of Inositols that it needs.

I was blown away by the wealth of information available and my lack of familiarity about treating PCOS with Inositol. I realized a few things:

  • Instead of searching the internet whenever I had an issue with my PCOS, I needed to stay more current with studies.
  • I needed to try treating PCOS with Inositol ASAP

Fortunately, Myo Inositoland D-Chiro-Inositol are relatively inexpensive and available on Amazon. Not surprisingly, folic acidis as well. There is also a product called, Pregnitude, which combines Myo-Inositol and folic acid into one packet. Pregnitude is supposed to help increase your chances of conception, which makes sense considering that studies have shown an improvement in menstruation and ovulation. I, however chose to buy the Myo-Inositol and folic acid separately, because I would need to double the Pregnitude dosage in order to mimic the intake used in the study mentioned above. With Pregnitude, my treatment would have become very expensive very quickly.

How I am Treating PCOS with Inositol

I started treating PCOS with Inositol by mimicking the study taking 4,000 mg Myo-Inositol, 100 mg D-Chiro Inositol and 400 mcg folic acid. Within just a few days, I was noticed that I was able to lose weight more quickly. However, juicing has been helped me reduce my water weight the most. With Inositol, I was also able to eat a little bit more leniently in regard to the glycemic index without it affecting my hirsutism, acne or weight.

In addition to my diet and supplement plan, I also do plenty of cardio and strength training to treat my PCOS. Studies have shown that strength training and cardio can decrease insulin resistance, lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels and fight abdominal fat, which increases the risk of developing diabetes.

I have been using this treatment in the same dosage for the past five months and my results have not weakened. However, I admit that I have grown more and more accustomed to the leeway that I have. With this, I have slipped into allowing myself some bread or candy in small portions. Overall, I am still losing weight at a slightly better rate than previously. But, I could be doing better if I were more disciplined.

Even though treating PCOS with Inositol has significantly helped me, my PCOS remains persistent. I still experience hirsutism, but that, unfortunately, is characteristic of all women in my family. Mine remains the worst case of any woman’s in my family, though. Painful periods have also remained constant. I now stem the pain a bit with cardio, though. Cardio used to do nothing to lessen my pain during periods. So, the fact that it is working now means that there has been progress! I believe that greater results will come with dietary discipline as well. That is my next step in the coming months.

I now understand that treating my PCOS will take quite some time. Such is the case when a condition is currently deemed incurable. However, many women have seen drastic improvements, remissions and some even claim that their syndrome has been cured. So, I know that there is always more for me to do until I achieve those those results.


It is customary for each member of the families of the bride and groom to be photographed with the happy couple on the wedding day. These photos are usually very staged and perfunctory. This is a shame, especially when it comes to capturing important relationships, such as the relationship between the father of the groom and his son. The photographer will definitely capture photos of the bride and groom with their respective parents, but will the photographer be able to capture the love and significance of each of those relationships on that special day? This is no easy feat. And, it definitely cannot be accomplished with staged poses.

The wedding photographer will capture significant moments of the wedding between the bride and groom and their parents. This will include moments such as when the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle and when the groom dances with his mother. But, what about moments between the father of the groom and his son? There is no moment during the wedding ceremony or wedding reception that honors their relationship. Because of this, the wedding photographer will have to be vigilant and seek out those special moments between father and son to immortalize on film for the family forever.

You can ask your wedding photographer to watch for those moments between the father of the groom and his son. They may look for moments when the father is preparing his son for the wedding and for marriage; when he is showing him how proud he is of his son on that day as he takes the leap into married life; when the two look undeniably the same; when the father calms his son’s nerves and many more seemingly small, but significant moments between the son and his father. If you pay attention and have a camera ready, you may be able to capture a relationship between a son and father who shaped the groom into the man he is and prepared him for marriage.

There may be no formal moment during the wedding day that recognizes and honors the bond between the father of the groom and the groom, but there are not plenty of significant and camera-worthy moments of the two to capture on the wedding day.

wedding photo musts: father of the groom with groomwedding photo musts: father of the groom with groomwedding photo musts: father of the groom with groomwedding photo musts: father of the groom with groom


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I am OB-sessed with almond milk – so much so that I go through approximately 4-5 cartons per week. Up until about a month ago, I would finish them off and toss them in the recycling bin—thinking, ‘What a responsible consumer I am!‘  Responsible? Possibly.  Innovative, creative?  Not so much.

It was not until I recently took up running again that I realized what I was tossing out.  Because of my rickety knees and hips, running comes at a price for me.  That price is usually a few weeks of limping around at the onset of any new program. This time, I  read about the wonder of ice baths.  Yes, they sounded only slightly more appealing than hobbling. However, I was determined to get back in my Asics, so I took the plunge.  It was not nearly as torturous as I had imagined it would be, and I was actually refreshed when I was done.  Even better, I had zero aches and pains.  Win and win!

The one down side was that keeping a supply of ice for 3-5 weekly baths became a bit cumbersome. Then I stumbled upon a runner’s site that recommended freezing water in empty milk cartons to create large bricks of ice.  Now my almond milk addiction was paying off!  Now I can freeze my bottom off without hindrance.  And more importantly, finally reach my 10k time goals.

If you are harboring an equally ridiculous amount of milk cartons, but have no desire to to join the Polar Bear Club–here are a few other ideas for re-use (taken from diylife.com and a few other places)

Around The House

  • Floor protectors. Cut the tops off cartons and use the bottoms to cover furniture legs.  Now you can slide large items around without scratching the floor.
  • Paint containers. Cartons make ideal disposable containers for small painting jobs.  Trim the carton to the appropriate size, then add paint. No rinsing is needed – just throw the carton in the trash when you’re done. Not the most environmentally sound practice, but it is convenient.
  • Drawer organizers. Cut lengthwise to fit utensils. Cut the bottoms to make one or two (or more) inch-deep squares. These make very handy in-drawer storage containers for small odds and ends.  You can leave them with their original print for an eclectic feel or paint them to for an more uniform look.
  • Dispose of cooking oil. Fill a carton with newspaper and pour oil inside. The newspaper absorbs the oil and the carton keeps everything neatly contained, so no leaks. When it’s been used several times, throw it away.
  • Disposable cutting boards. Slit cartons open and spread them flat. Keep on hand for when you need to chop smelly items like fish. Or use them for draining fried foods. The paper side absorbs oil and the waxed side keeps oil from leaking through to the plate underneath.
    Liquid storage.
  • Use cartons for storing liquids in the refrigerator or freezer. They are great for freezing soup, frozen desserts and whipped cream. When you need some, you don’t have to thaw the whole container: just slice off a chunk as big as you need, then peel the cardboard off and thaw.

Around The Yard

  • Winter bird food form. Cartons are ideal for storing homemade suet or peanut butter-based mixtures.  Pour hot mix into a carton.  When it’s completely hardened, use a sharp carving knife to cut into inch-thick slices. Peel off the cardboard around edges. Each slice fits perfectly into most wire suet holders.
  • Seed starter. Cut cartons in half lengthwise and punch drainage holes in the bottom.  Fill with potting mix.  Now you’re ready to grow some seeds!
  • Toe guard. Camping?  Try using bottoms of cartons as tent peg covers.  They’ll help prevent painful stubbed toes.
  • Weight.  Fill cartons with sand or pebbles.  Punch holes in tops.  Use them to weigh down a tarp or drop cloth when it’s windy.  Thread rope through the punched holes and tie them down for added security.
  • Compost.  Schools in LA collected 200 tons of school lunch milk cartons, which the city converted into compost and used to plant trees in bare urban areas.  You can do the same on a small scale.  Just shred them before adding to your compost container.

Clever Crafts

  • Bowling alley. Empty cartons make great (free!) bowling pins for kids.  Let them spend a rainy afternoon decorating the “pins” with paint before the all-important first game.
  • Coin purse.  A super cute way for young girls to keep their purses organized.  Perhaps even an idea for little girls to give to their friends as gifts.  Check out the tutorial at CutOutandKeep.com
  • Blocks for baby.  Wash and dry cartons, then stuff with scrunched up newspaper or junk mail.  Fold down the triangle top and tape shut.  They make wonderful blocks for babies and toddlers to play with and practice their stacking skills.
  • Candle mold.  Trim carton to size. Anchor wick at the bottom on the inside, making sure the wick is a couple of inches longer than the container is tall.  Pour hot wax inside and let it set.  **Ice variation**Coat the inside of a clean carton with cooking spray.  Anchor the wick inside, then fill with ice cubes. Pour in hot wax. The melting ice creates beautiful formations in the wax.
    Bird feeder. An easy homemade feeder that encourages kids to learn about birds.  Cut a hole in a carton and insert a piece of dowel for a perch just below. Fill with seed and hang from a branch.
  • Decorative bird house. A great craft idea for kids or adults.  Decorate a clean carton however you like.  Cut holes and decorate by gluing little craft “birds” into the doorways or on top.  Use twigs, raffia and moss to create their “nests.”
    Pencil holder or vase. Clean and trim old cartons, then decorate with paints, papers, ribbon, glitter – or whatever catches your eye.  Use them as pencil holders or even as flower vases.
  • Ginger bread house. Very young kids don’t have the dexterity to work with real gingerbread house kits.  So let them use cartons for a firm foundation.  Just clean and trim a carton, then let the kids glue ginger cookies onto the sides, using white icing for “glue.”  Add candy, pretzels etc for added decorations.
  • Doll house or toy town.  Each carton can become a room or tiny house in your child’s imagination.  Help kids cut the sides out of cartons and decorate. Glue them together to make a house … or a whole town.


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